In the days of Love, Wine and Roses

Well, it’s that time of year again.

Valentine’s Day.

Are you stumped for this year’s gift? Need a prompt?


After so many years together, it’s hard to surprise my love. We know each other better than we know ourselves. So yes I’m stumped every year.

If you’re in the same boat, try writing a flash fiction piece or a poem that expresses, a moment in time, from your past. Keep it to 100 words. But like all good writer, make the story bigger than life.

You can start with this writing prompt.

I remember… 


Need more inspiration? 

Add one of the senses such as smell, sight or touch. “I remember the smell of…”

Or perhaps your special memory is a first. A first dance, kiss, hug, date, or dinner.


Got the idea?

Mine starts out with, “I remember the swagger of a self-assured man who turned heads and watched in disbelief when….”

Still not inspired?

Click on the links below. I’m sure one of them will spark your romance.

Leave a comment and share with us the prompt you used for a romantic note.


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Valentine’s Day Writing and Journal Prompts

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Valentines Day Writing Prompts

My 5 Star Friday Recommendation is Something Different

This is not my usual genre, if you’ve read some of my recommendations you understand. I’m more of an intense, thriller kinda girl. However, like pacing in good writing, on occasion I need to switch genres and slow down my pace in reading.

To be honest, I chose this particular book because of my love for quilting. Until my fingers stopped cooperating, I loved to quilt and enjoyed teaching my girls how to make a memories through the art. However, this book isn’t about quilting. It’s a heartwarming story about strong women and their successes, failures, their loves and losses living in a small Texas town.

Strong women are not exclusive to Texas.

Throughout time women everywhere have done, and still do, what needed to get the job done and protect their families. Ms. Bostwick tells the story of these women with a large dose of humor and charm.

I found this a quick and easy read. Sorta like tubing down the Guadalupe on a hot Saturday afternoon enjoying the scenery and fun with friends. Afterward arriving home a little tipsy, tired, and sunburned, but none the worse for wear.5gold-star3

So with the satisfied feeling of someone who just got home from vacation, I give Between Heaven and Texas 5 stars.

So if you enjoy books by authors like Debbie Macomber, Susan Wiggs, or Sherryl Woods I think you’ll enjoy  

Between Heaven and Texas (Cobbled Court Quilts Book 6) by  Marie Bostwick

Kindle Price: $2.51
Kindle Unlimited: Free

Can you write a kiss?

Romance writing is not my genre.

However, it’s good to step out of our comfort zone and stretch those writing muscles every now and then. After reading A Writer’s Path today I decided to try my hand at writing a kissing scene.

How would you write a kiss?

It’s not as easy as I thought. In fact I revised the tiny little piece below several times. I’d be embarrassed to give you the number.

Welcome Home

I watch, listen and wait. Outside, gravel crunches under tires, the car door slams, and his boots echo against the walk. My heart synchronizing with the pounding of his steps.

The door opens and I’m wrapped in his warm embrace. Nose to nose, heart to heart, I bask in his love. Our lips meet, and his kiss feeds my soul. At last, I can breathe. My joy, my life is home.

Thanks Ryan for the inspiration and the tips .

Get additional inspiration over at GalleyCat . Find tips from 20 Authors.

I hope you will have a bit of fun and give it a try.

Post your kissing, love scene, in the comments or leave us a link to your blog.

An Open Love Letter

For two weeks, we’re inundated with hearts, flowers, and admonitions to invite romance to dinner. To go all out and splurge for the one you love. Well, I don’t know about y’all, but between kids, work, life and grandkids we’ve never made a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. A box of cheap drugstore candy, (for the girls when they were little), a bouquet of flowers (whatever we could afford at the time), and a sappy card summed up Valentine’s Day for us.

But there’s another a reason we’ve never invited romance for a once a year visit and it had little to do with busy lives or money. Why? Because romance lives in our home and always has.

Today, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone to get personal. I want to share with my husband and my readers what real erotic romance means to this Baby Boomer and it has little to do with 50 shades of anything but with almost 50 years of love.

Here’s to you Babe and to the days of romance in our lives.

  • I find love and romance when you catch me before I fall. (Watching for uneven sidewalks.)
  • With your strong arms that hold me, and strong heart that protects mine, you say I love you better than any Hallmark card.
  • When you tuck the hem of my coat safely inside the car, and your hand brushes against my leg, I find that hot.
  • Waiting for me. (Use your imagination.)
  • Walking hand in hand and your thumb tickling my palm.
  • The way you smile when I wear nothing to bed and the touch of your hand as I fall asleep. (Sigh… .)
  • Eating something you don’t like (I’m a terrible cook.)
  • Playing games with our grandchildren. (God, that’s sexy.)
  • Buying me flowers with the groceries. (Nice to know you were thinking about me.)
  • Letting me drive the golf cart.
  • Doing the dishes while I take a hot bubble bath. (Nothing has more wow factor than a clean kitchen.)
  • Making the best damn Dirty Martinis in town. (I only need one.)
  • Tucking me in at night. (Hmmm… .)
  • I love waking to your smile and to hear you say, “Good morning Beautiful.” (And… I’m so glad you don’t sleep in contacts.)
  • You believe in me. (Always and always.)

Since I could wax on and on, listing large and small, what I find loving and romantic about you, I’ll stop with this last one before I become too maudlin.

  • Knowing with you by my side, I fear nothing, because you’ll slay dragons, chase away my ghosts and fill my life with love and laughter. (Now that’s romance 365 days a year.)

Thank you, Phil, for a romance, love filled life and thank you readers for indulging this writer.

Happy Valentine’s Day!