How do you get excited about writing?

And returning to the keyboard after a long break?

I’ve written about the Summertime Blahs, but what does one do about the winter blues or the publication blues?

Yep, you heard right. In November I finished and published my latest children’s picture book, and then the holidays took over what was left of my energy.

And now I’ve got the blank page (or screen) syndrome.

This isn’t anything new, not for me. If you are a long time follower, you know this is a yearly ritual. However, each time I’m faced with it, I am surprised. Weird, right? When I’m in the writing zone, I think I’ll never stop. But then…

Brain fog settled in.

One thing that has helped me before, was reading. Reading everything. Good, bad, great, and mediocre. So I’ve spent the last couple of months reading three to four books a week. Didn’t help.


  • I’m visiting some of my favorite bloggers.
  • Playing with a few writing prompts.
  • And giving my brain a good talking to.
  • Looking at some of my previous posts and trying to take my own advice. LOL

Tell me. How do you get back in the writing saddle? To create when the lightening of inspiration is lacking?

I appreciate any tips or suggestions you’ve got. Because I’m still stuck.

In the meantime, pop over and read this post by Lucy Mitchell. It gave me something to think about. WHEN STRUGGLING WITH YOUR WRITING ALWAYS THINK – CATERPILLAR & THE BUTTERFLY!

I’m a butterfly, a butterfly…




12 thoughts on “How do you get excited about writing?

  1. The best way to write is to start writing. When it comes to inspiration, the best inspiration to write is your own self. If you have a writers soul you do not need nispiration from outside. Originality is preferred compared to style. But I loved your posts and the way writing is discussed here when I see writing seen as a secondary profession in this world.


      1. Truly that has accelerated my writing and help me finish my book that came out in September. You simply go into your notes if you have an iPhone and use the microphone and talk away. At first you’ll have lots of mistakes that you have to go in and correct but it’s kind of fun seeing what it thinks you’re saying anyway.
        You can copy and paste your Notes article into a word document or whatever writing process you use. Or if you prefer you can just sit at your computer and read what you talked in and type it in however you want to type it. It is such a timesaver


  2. Research. I love finding books in the library and coming across some obscure fact that will spark an idea. I’ve just started Book 2 of a middle-grade children’s book on pirates. I’ve found books on phantom islands and mythical sea beasts; they’ve already given me ideas to incorporate into my first draft. I find research really energizing for me.

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  3. Honestly, when the fog sets in and won’t shift, I just take a massive step back for as long as possible. Ideas start coming again, even if they sometimes take a month or two to arrive.

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