Encourage a child’s imagination with a book

Remember, it’s never too soon or too late to begin reading to children. 

Books make terrific gifts all year round.

Kids all over the world wonder what their future holds. I’ve written four children’s books to encourage them to dream big.

Do you know a kid who gets excited every time a big red fire engine roars past? Then you might like my latest is I want to be a Firefighter.

Do you have a cute little Princess or handsome little Prince in the family?

Read these books to encourage the royal in your family to stretch their imagination and be all they can be.

A  Reluctant Little Prince or A Most Reluctant Princess.

Do you have a young, budding sports star who needs a little confidence?

Do they love football, baseball, soccer? Do you want to encourage your child to enjoy and have fun with sports?

Then check out my book  Tryouts for Ben. 

Now please hop over and read my latest post on Jean’s Writing.

 New! In two sizes this diary makes journaling easy!   

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83 thoughts on “Encourage a child’s imagination with a book

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