Welcome, to Jean’s Writing Blog

I’m so glad you found me and do hope you’ll stick around and talk a bit.

Freezing weather ushered in 2018 with a bang. And I hate cold weather.

Together we’ll talk about new writing tips and review old writing tricks. 

I’ll share good books I find and can’t wait to read your book reviews too.

Quite, reading a good book


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Remember it’s never too soon or too late to begin reading to children. Books make terrific gifts all year round.

Kids all over the world wonder what their future holds. I’ve written three children’s books to encourage them to dream big.

Do you have a young, budding sports star?

Do they love football, baseball, soccer? Do you want to encourage your child to enjoy and have fun with sports? Then Tryouts for Ben will make a great stocking stuffer.

What about a Princess or Prince in the family?

Do you want your Princess, or Prince to reach for the stars and be all they can be? Do you want to encourage your kids to dream big for the future? Then A Reluctant Little Prince or  A Most Reluctant Princess will make great bedtime reading. Be sure and add these books to your kid’s collection.

Do you want to know more?

In addition to children’s books A Reluctant Little Prince, A Most Reluctant Princess, and Tryouts for Ben   I’ve also published a journal for adults.

All my books are now available at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com!

Pop over and check out my blog posts, meet some great writers and bloggers, and share your thoughts. Click this link “About Me” and let’s learn together.

Click on the image to read an excerpt.

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Easy reader for kids
Easy reader

A Most Reluctant Princess by Jean M. Cogdell    A Reluctant Little Prince Picture Book by Jean M Cogdell  

New! In two sizes this diary makes journaling easy!   A Simple Journal - 45 Days to Journaling by Jean M. Cogdell

Now available read my short story in One Hundred Voices III.

One Hundred Voices Volume III, featuring Jean M CogdellI’d love to hear from you! Leave me a comment.

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Click the “write me” tab or contact me on Twitter @jeancogdell, Facebook at jeanswriting   and  Amazon.com, stop by and say hey! I’ll leave a light on for you.

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