Can you write a kiss?

Romance writing is not my genre.

However, it’s good to step out of our comfort zone and stretch those writing muscles every now and then. After reading A Writer’s Path today I decided to try my hand at writing a kissing scene.

How would you write a kiss?

It’s not as easy as I thought. In fact I revised the tiny little piece below several times. I’d be embarrassed to give you the number.

Welcome Home

I watch, listen and wait. Outside, gravel crunches under tires, the car door slams, and his boots echo against the walk. My heart synchronizing with the pounding of his steps.

The door opens and I’m wrapped in his warm embrace. Nose to nose, heart to heart, I bask in his love. Our lips meet, and his kiss feeds my soul. At last, I can breathe. My joy, my life is home.

Thanks Ryan for the inspiration and the tips .

Get additional inspiration over at GalleyCat . Find tips from 20 Authors.

I hope you will have a bit of fun and give it a try.

Post your kissing, love scene, in the comments or leave us a link to your blog.


Keep that first thrill alive

You love, obsess, and write. With a little luck, a lot of sweat, blood and tears, maybe, just maybe, others will read and love your precious manuscript too.

I love to write. My husband loves the game of golf. Writing and golf have nothing in common, unless you take a peak at the inbox on our computers. As any crazy person does, we both obsess over ways to improve our craft. The result, our cup runneth over in the form of more information than either of us can process.

The running joke around our house is, did you delete or read?

This got me to thinking how these “tips” seem to run in trends, following the same subject. Which leads me delete more than I read. I mean, how many emails can I read on comma splices. See my point? Then came my ah-ha moment. Why do I pick one particular email, click open to a blog and read amid a sea of others on the same subject? What makes it different?

It’s the author’s tag or hook line.

Now I can see all y’all seasoned writers shaking your heads. Big deal you’re thinking. Everyone knows about tag lines. You like me have read everything there is to know concerning how to hook the reader. But sometimes we all need reminders. Tag lines are important for our blogs, books and emails.

Tag lines, and first lines matter. Hell, firsts of everything matter. Think of all the firsts your and the weight of importance they held your life. Your first love, kiss, date, dance, job, sex, car, roller coaster, high dive, beer, well you get the idea.

Firsts are important and my ah-ha moment came in realizing that first encounters with my readers must, be a good first for them. No make that a great first for them. Not sure my writing can compete with sex and beer, but I’m gonna try to step up my game and keep the thrill alive. I can’t think of anything scarier than putting myself out there to publish or perish. Yikes!

Here are some links to a few tips I opened. Enjoy, I did.

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