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Have you voted yet? Do you plan to vote? 

Know your rights!

The law in 29 states requires an employer to give time off to vote. Some with pay. This link State Laws on Voting will show you the law in your state. In Texas, where I live, the law also requires the employer to give paid time off! Yeah!

Skye Gould/Olivia Reaney/Business Insider

The founding fathers, who wrote the Constitution of the United States, were pretty smart, They formed our government of 3 equal branches.

A fail-safe should a misogynist, xenophobic, racist, or bully, be elected as President of the United States, there are two other governing branches to keep him in check. Just like a 3-legged stool, if one leg breaks the entire thing tumbles over.

Our 3 branches prevent any President from becoming an autocratic ruler or dictator. What can keep that from happening?

YOUCongress and the Supreme Court.

It takes all three of these branches to make our laws.

It is imperative that you vote!

Vote to level the Congressional leg of our government.

Vote for those who fought to give us this freedom.

Vote for healthcare, clean water, education and a better future for our kids.

Vote your conscience. 

Your vote is needed and will count. 

Does your state give time off for voting?

Did you know that 29 states gave time off to vote, and some gave paid time off?




I want to share an exciting announcement with you

Rejections need not defeat!

One after another the rejections came but, nevertheless, I persisted.

I tweaked, edited, submitted the story and waited, again.

How many times did I go through this ritual? To be honest, I’m not sure. But I did not quit.

However, I did reach a point where I did let go and moved on to another project.

And Bingo!

All my persistence, tweaking, and editing paid off.

My story was selected for publication by Centum Press!

Precious Memories made the cut.

Centum Press selected Precious Memories to join One Hundred Voices Volume III and is now available for pre-order in a limited edition hardcover format.

Only 500 hard copies will be printed in this limited edition, to order one click this link bit.ly/100VoicesV3.

But it gets better! 

Enter this following code and receive a discount on your purchase! Discount code: 100V3-20

Wait, there’s more!

While this isn’t my first story to make the cut for publication, this is the first time I’ll share the publication stage with my sister. Wow! You heard right. One of my sisters, Sheila Good, is an amazing writer and her story Maggie’s New Beginning is also among the one hundred authors chosen by Centum Press for volume three.

100 Voices III a

Thanks for sharing in my excitement.

Where have you submitted recently?

Please share your successes; I’d love to celebrate with you too.

And remember never give up!

Talk to me – I love reading your comments.

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Please stop by and say “hey!”  I’ll leave a light on. 


My 5 Star Friday Recommendation is Something Different

This is not my usual genre, if you’ve read some of my recommendations you understand. I’m more of an intense, thriller kinda girl. However, like pacing in good writing, on occasion I need to switch genres and slow down my pace in reading.

To be honest, I chose this particular book because of my love for quilting. Until my fingers stopped cooperating, I loved to quilt and enjoyed teaching my girls how to make a memories through the art. However, this book isn’t about quilting. It’s a heartwarming story about strong women and their successes, failures, their loves and losses living in a small Texas town.

Strong women are not exclusive to Texas.

Throughout time women everywhere have done, and still do, what needed to get the job done and protect their families. Ms. Bostwick tells the story of these women with a large dose of humor and charm.

I found this a quick and easy read. Sorta like tubing down the Guadalupe on a hot Saturday afternoon enjoying the scenery and fun with friends. Afterward arriving home a little tipsy, tired, and sunburned, but none the worse for wear.5gold-star3

So with the satisfied feeling of someone who just got home from vacation, I give Between Heaven and Texas 5 stars.

So if you enjoy books by authors like Debbie Macomber, Susan Wiggs, or Sherryl Woods I think you’ll enjoy  

Between Heaven and Texas (Cobbled Court Quilts Book 6) by  Marie Bostwick

Kindle Price: $2.51
Kindle Unlimited: Free

A late start

…but better than never.

I’m off to a roaring start with my very first A to Z challenge.

Falling back on the easy About Me post.

In-a-nutshell, writing is my third act in life. I grew up in a small SC town located near the foothills of the Great Smoky MountainsSmoky Mountains2

Living this third act in Texas peppers many of my stories with down-home Southern flavor

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