An Open Love Letter

For two weeks, we’re inundated with hearts, flowers, and admonitions to invite romance to dinner. To go all out and splurge for the one you love. Well, I don’t know about y’all, but between kids, work, life and grandkids we’ve never made a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. A box of cheap drugstore candy, (for the girls when they were little), a bouquet of flowers (whatever we could afford at the time), and a sappy card summed up Valentine’s Day for us.

But there’s another a reason we’ve never invited romance for a once a year visit and it had little to do with busy lives or money. Why? Because romance lives in our home and always has.

Today, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone to get personal. I want to share with my husband and my readers what real erotic romance means to this Baby Boomer and it has little to do with 50 shades of anything but with almost 50 years of love.

Here’s to you Babe and to the days of romance in our lives.

  • I find love and romance when you catch me before I fall. (Watching for uneven sidewalks.)
  • With your strong arms that hold me, and strong heart that protects mine, you say I love you better than any Hallmark card.
  • When you tuck the hem of my coat safely inside the car, and your hand brushes against my leg, I find that hot.
  • Waiting for me. (Use your imagination.)
  • Walking hand in hand and your thumb tickling my palm.
  • The way you smile when I wear nothing to bed and the touch of your hand as I fall asleep. (Sigh… .)
  • Eating something you don’t like (I’m a terrible cook.)
  • Playing games with our grandchildren. (God, that’s sexy.)
  • Buying me flowers with the groceries. (Nice to know you were thinking about me.)
  • Letting me drive the golf cart.
  • Doing the dishes while I take a hot bubble bath. (Nothing has more wow factor than a clean kitchen.)
  • Making the best damn Dirty Martinis in town. (I only need one.)
  • Tucking me in at night. (Hmmm… .)
  • I love waking to your smile and to hear you say, “Good morning Beautiful.” (And… I’m so glad you don’t sleep in contacts.)
  • You believe in me. (Always and always.)

Since I could wax on and on, listing large and small, what I find loving and romantic about you, I’ll stop with this last one before I become too maudlin.

  • Knowing with you by my side, I fear nothing, because you’ll slay dragons, chase away my ghosts and fill my life with love and laughter. (Now that’s romance 365 days a year.)

Thank you, Phil, for a romance, love filled life and thank you readers for indulging this writer.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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