Here is the largest list of creative tools in one place

Wow and what fun!

Some of these generating tools are familiar, but some are new. Well, new to me.

Choose from Games, Exercises, Techniques or Poetry. Language Virus is a website with something to fit everyone’s need.

Beware! That sucking sound is the black hole of fun you may find yourself in once you begin clicking.


My favorite was the Poem Generator. Hmm, wait a minute there are more than one of those too.  Who knows, I may be a poet but don’t know it. LOL

Struggling with your book title? 

Or do you love the classics? 


bird-1295870_1280Want to learn to write Haiku?

Maybe you would like to write about Fae?


Or maybe you’re a visual person. So how about inspiration from my favorite city? Paris.

Did I mention this website has something for everyone? Even something called  Text Manipulation.

Click on the link and dive right into Prompts, Experiments, Quotes, and Inspiration presented by a host of authors.

Creative Writing Exercises  at Language is a Virus

Ready? Well get inspired and…


Did you see anything interesting? Something new or different?

Do you ever use generators for character names or places?

Which of these do you think is helpful?

I thought it was cool to find so many in one place. What do you think?

are you there

Talk to me in the comments, I loved to read your thoughts.  

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Is laughter really the best medicine?

If laughter is good for the soul maybe it’s good for the blahs. 

And just maybe fun is just what a writer needs.

Has your muse has gone into hiding with a case of Spring fever? Then a good dose of fun might draw her back into the game.

We’ve all used prompts to write quick flash fiction, short stories or articles as a break from the arduous task of writing a novel. Right? So how about just for fun!

I recently found a generator and produces the goofiest prompts.

Below are three samples I generated. Click on the link and see what outrageous ideas you can come up with at Writers First Line Generator. 

  1. The day my mother was kidnapped, we all got religion.
  2. The day the parrot bit my Dad, we buried the vicar.
  3. It was a grey morning in September when the house fell down.

I chose the first one to play with, hope it makes you smile.

The day my mother was kidnapped, we all got religion.

They say there are no atheists in foxholes. Not sure who “they” are or what a foxhole is, but I’m sure the saying has something to do with praying. And there sure was a lot praying going on the day mama was kidnapped.

Aunt Bertha walked the floor hollering for the Holy Spirit to smite the devil that took Mama from her babies. Mind you I’m fourteen and Randy just turned sixteen. There are no babies left in our house. But that didn’t stop Aunt Bertha. No, she grabbed Daddy, who hadn’t seen the inside of a church since his wedding day, fell to her knees and went to praying so loud Mama’s commemorative state plates rattled against the wall. Sheriff Taggart had a real hard time writing in his little notepad what with all the caterwauling going on.

Randy and me hid up in my room because, truth-be-told, we were glad to see the last of Mama’s sharp tongue the day she rode off with Reverend Malcolm.  Yeah, everyone found religion that day, especially Mama.


Okay, did you try it?

Please share yours in the comment section or leave a link! I’d love to read it.

Do you think laughter can lure your muse out of hiding?

Talk to me – I love reading your comments.

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A fun and relaxing girls night out

Thanks to KIMBERLEYCOOPERBLOG for inspiring me, I’ve decided to join in the prompt fun over at  Julia’s Place.

In honor of the Rio Olympics, Julia chose for her 100-word prompt is, “With a little effort I wonder if I could do that?…”

I needed tonight, the cheesy movie, the greasy tacos, a margaritas buzz but most of all the laughter.

“I liked the book better,” Karen said, her mouth full of chips.

“You read that drivel? I couldn’t get past chapter three.”

I shut out Margo our book club snob, knowing she’d read every word, but would never admit it.

The margaritas warmed my cheeks or could it be visions of scarves and Jason tied to a bedpost flashing through my mind?

Jason wanted more excitement. We have a spare room. Hmm, with a little effort I wonder if I could do that?…

Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, Book 1) by [James, E L]

What is it about sport?

What do you think about, writing prompts?

Love or hate them?

Me, I’m on the fence.

I use them to jump-start my writing. But rarely for my WIP.

Writing a short 100-500 words helps me get my thoughts churning and I think brings my characters out of hiding. Maybe they get jealous my thoughts are elsewhere.

So today I participated in one from The Daily Post. Hope you enjoy.

The DailyPost Aug 4, 2016  DAILY PROMPT  Craving

She stared as he walked from the car. Her hands gripped the open door, knuckles white with restraint. Breathe she reminded herself to just breathe. In a few seconds, he would be within her grasp. Her tongue traced and moistened her dry red lips.

At last, the tall drink of water she’d been waiting for reached her front door.

“Hi,” she said.

He acknowledged her whispered greeting with a nod as he followed her into room 117. She closed the door against the hot afternoon sun and the reality of the seedy motel. The where didn’t matter as long as they were together.

Still practicing my craft with a prompt or two.

How do you practice?