A fun and relaxing girls night out

Thanks to KIMBERLEYCOOPERBLOG for inspiring me, I’ve decided to join in the prompt fun over at  Julia’s Place.

In honor of the Rio Olympics, Julia chose for her 100-word prompt is, “With a little effort I wonder if I could do that?…”

I needed tonight, the cheesy movie, the greasy tacos, a margaritas buzz but most of all the laughter.

“I liked the book better,” Karen said, her mouth full of chips.

“You read that drivel? I couldn’t get past chapter three.”

I shut out Margo our book club snob, knowing she’d read every word, but would never admit it.

The margaritas warmed my cheeks or could it be visions of scarves and Jason tied to a bedpost flashing through my mind?

Jason wanted more excitement. We have a spare room. Hmm, with a little effort I wonder if I could do that?…

Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, Book 1) by [James, E L]

What is it about sport?


Do you remember that first?

As the flames leapt skyward, I closed my eyes, took another sip and relaxed in your warm embrace. A full moon with a star filled sky ordered special for tonight matches the stars in your eyes. Sweet kisses that taste of strawberries, wine and sex. Firsts are wonderful. The first kiss, first touch, first embrace, first love.

I stood, wrapped the blanket around my breast and stared into the dying fire. Would the second time be wonderful? As the ashes reached toward the dawn, and the wind chilled my skin, I walked away, as the sweet taste of first lingered on my lips.

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As luck would have it, I killed two birds with one stone. LOL

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The Prompt, over at Mom Turned Mom Prompt – Week 89 “Fire”


Julia’s Place 100WCGU – Week #173 The prompt was… as the flames leapt skyward…

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Want to bust through summer boredom?

Sometimes I need to shake up my writing a bit.

A writing prompt here or there does that for me.

Thanks to some fabulous bloggers that provide the links, the prompts and the communities I’m able to practice my skills.

So dust off your keyboard, blow out the cobwebs from your mind, set your butt in a chair and head over to with one of their prompts and get rid of those summertime writing blues.

Pick your poison, from 5 sentences to well you decide. You might be surprised where one seed of an idea might lead.

I know I’ve listed some of these before, and I’m interested in finding more. So if you know about one I’ve missed, please tell me in the comments section. I’m always looking for fresh ideas.

THE PROMPT  (Weekly)

Five Sentence Fiction – Thief

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100 Word challenge for grown ups

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The Daily Post

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Better Living Through Chemistry

The clock mocks me. Twelve, midnight. A soft sigh escapes as I scoot deeper beneath the covers. Just once, please let me sleep. The silent pray slips through my exhausted mind.

Water drips from the kitchen sink, a neighbor’s dog barks, and I twist amid the sheets like a swimmer tangled in seaweed. There’s a red 2 on the face of the clock. If I squint, it looks like a twisted smirk.

I give up, and reach for the night stand. The tiny white pill is bitter, but the water cool. I close my eyes and shut out the neon numbers.

Today’s Writing Prompt for Bite Size Fiction is brought to you by –

Julia’s Place 100 Word Challenge For Grownups – #154

…please let me sleep…


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