Is laughter really the best medicine?

If laughter is good for the soul maybe it’s good for the blahs. 

And just maybe fun is just what a writer needs.

Has your muse has gone into hiding with a case of Spring fever? Then a good dose of fun might draw her back into the game.

We’ve all used prompts to write quick flash fiction, short stories or articles as a break from the arduous task of writing a novel. Right? So how about just for fun!

I recently found a generator and produces the goofiest prompts.

Below are three samples I generated. Click on the link and see what outrageous ideas you can come up with at Writers First Line Generator. 

  1. The day my mother was kidnapped, we all got religion.
  2. The day the parrot bit my Dad, we buried the vicar.
  3. It was a grey morning in September when the house fell down.

I chose the first one to play with, hope it makes you smile.

The day my mother was kidnapped, we all got religion.

They say there are no atheists in foxholes. Not sure who “they” are or what a foxhole is, but I’m sure the saying has something to do with praying. And there sure was a lot praying going on the day mama was kidnapped.

Aunt Bertha walked the floor hollering for the Holy Spirit to smite the devil that took Mama from her babies. Mind you I’m fourteen and Randy just turned sixteen. There are no babies left in our house. But that didn’t stop Aunt Bertha. No, she grabbed Daddy, who hadn’t seen the inside of a church since his wedding day, fell to her knees and went to praying so loud Mama’s commemorative state plates rattled against the wall. Sheriff Taggart had a real hard time writing in his little notepad what with all the caterwauling going on.

Randy and me hid up in my room because, truth-be-told, we were glad to see the last of Mama’s sharp tongue the day she rode off with Reverend Malcolm.  Yeah, everyone found religion that day, especially Mama.


Okay, did you try it?

Please share yours in the comment section or leave a link! I’d love to read it.

Do you think laughter can lure your muse out of hiding?

Talk to me – I love reading your comments.

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20 thoughts on “Is laughter really the best medicine?

  1. This make-believe story had what it takes for us humans to laugh. Examples of fourteen and sixteen year old babies was simply hilarious. On what planet do they call these two brother and sister babies?
    I personally haven’t tried to write real stories into make-believe. I’m not sure I can pull it off. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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