Here is the largest list of creative tools in one place

Wow and what fun!

Some of these generating tools are familiar, but some are new. Well, new to me.

Choose from Games, Exercises, Techniques or Poetry. Language Virus is a website with something to fit everyone’s need.

Beware! That sucking sound is the black hole of fun you may find yourself in once you begin clicking.


My favorite was the Poem Generator. Hmm, wait a minute there are more than one of those too.  Who knows, I may be a poet but don’t know it. LOL

Struggling with your book title? 

Or do you love the classics? 


bird-1295870_1280Want to learn to write Haiku?

Maybe you would like to write about Fae?


Or maybe you’re a visual person. So how about inspiration from my favorite city? Paris.

Did I mention this website has something for everyone? Even something called  Text Manipulation.

Click on the link and dive right into Prompts, Experiments, Quotes, and Inspiration presented by a host of authors.

Creative Writing Exercises  at Language is a Virus

Ready? Well get inspired and…


Did you see anything interesting? Something new or different?

Do you ever use generators for character names or places?

Which of these do you think is helpful?

I thought it was cool to find so many in one place. What do you think?

are you there

Talk to me in the comments, I loved to read your thoughts.  

Please stop by my other locations (I’ve made some snazzy new icons) and say “hey!” I’ll leave a light on. 

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