Be smart, and avoid my mistake

Just before I went on a three-week holiday, I thought I’d change my plan with WordPress.

Big mistake.Bitmoji Image Jean Cogdell - Regrets

With three weeks of sporadic internet service, I was unable to check-in with my blog on a regular basis. But on one of the few days I was able to connect, my favorite ape let me know the Reblog & Press This buttons had vanished from my blog. Thanks Chris!

Holy crap!

Now that I’m back home and done a little research, I discovered those buttons aren’t part of the plan I’d selected. Seems that WP assumes if you are a business blog, readers will not be interested in sharing your posts.

How to know which WordPress plan is right for you

Price and info on WordPress Blog plans

When the new GDPR requirements came out, I thought upgrading to Business Plan would avail me of more automated information for my readers. Wrong!

I don’t know about you, but complying to this new law was a bit confusing. Sigh…

I contacted WordPress through the live chat/help link and was able to cancel the business plan and back down to the premium. Took a lot of patience on my part and most of the day, but success. Well, sort of. Unfortunately, when they republished my blog under the Premium Plan WP also doubled several of my blog posts. More work to delete the duplicates. Bitmoji Image Ugh! - Jean Cogdell

So which WordPress plan is right for you?

That depends on what you hope to accomplish with your blog. However, here are a few things to think about…

  • Cost doesn’t equate with better. Unless we’re talking shoes.
  • More “Plugins” aren’t helpful if you don’t need them. Just adds more clutter.
  • Each plan is different. What you gain with one you may loose with another.
  • Make a mistake? WP will help you change your plan.

Now that the Reblog and Press This buttons are back, don’t forget to share!

Quote by Ralph Nader - Your best teacher is your last mistake

I do get tired of learning stuff the hard way. LOL





What do you think about, writing prompts?

Love or hate them?

Me, I’m on the fence.

I use them to jump-start my writing. But rarely for my WIP.

Writing a short 100-500 words helps me get my thoughts churning and I think brings my characters out of hiding. Maybe they get jealous my thoughts are elsewhere.

So today I participated in one from The Daily Post. Hope you enjoy.

The DailyPost Aug 4, 2016  DAILY PROMPT  Craving

She stared as he walked from the car. Her hands gripped the open door, knuckles white with restraint. Breathe she reminded herself to just breathe. In a few seconds, he would be within her grasp. Her tongue traced and moistened her dry red lips.

At last, the tall drink of water she’d been waiting for reached her front door.

“Hi,” she said.

He acknowledged her whispered greeting with a nod as he followed her into room 117. She closed the door against the hot afternoon sun and the reality of the seedy motel. The where didn’t matter as long as they were together.

Still practicing my craft with a prompt or two.

How do you practice?