Should you write a fancy outline for your novel?

While we are all enjoying the holidays with family and friends, I hope you’ll also enjoy this flash from the past “Best of Jean’s Writing.”

Maybe- Maybe not. It’s your book, you make the rules. Different strokes for different folks. Me, I’m trying to be more organized in my writing this year. Only time will tell if I’…

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Do you think your novel could be a novella?

This is something I’ve considered before.

Novel or Short Story, Part 2

Maybe I just need to wrap things up and call it a day.

Writing a novel is a daunting task. A finished novel, after editing and cutting, will be about 60,000 words. Which means I need to write about 80,000 or more. Gotta give the editor plenty to slash out of the manuscript. Sigh…

So maybe I should consider changing my goal.

Have you ever considered the novella?

There is a lot more wiggle room regarding word count, with a novella. Usually between 30 to 60,000. With fewer words, comes fewer characters, fewer scenes, and fewer conflicts. Story structure is still very important but with the novella, things happen fast. There isn’t time to drag out the tension nor room to waste words. 

No, we must get to the point quickly, leading the reader to the climax with little detours. 

How would you go about taking your current WIP and turning it into a novella?

  • Make an outline using 3 acts
  • Limit the characters to those necessary to the purpose of the story
  • Edit out unnecessary characters and subplots (this is hard)
  • Limit to one single but satisfying conflict, question or goal
  • Increase and build the pace toward the final conflict during the 3rd act.

Want to read more about writing a novella read the following article from Bridget over at Now Novel

How to write a novella: 6 essential tips

What do you think? Do you see a novella in your future?

Do you think it would be harder or easier to write a novella?

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Why Not Turn Novel into a Short Story?




Do it For Pleasure

My novel stalled over the summer, but then I remembered why I’d started this book. It began as a project for my granddaughters. A recent conversation with one of them prompted me to get off my procrastinating duff and get busy. I’d allowed myself to be sidelined by many of the blogs and self-help articles on how to write, sell and publish.

 My Inbox filled to overflowing, reading one after another, soon I’m sucked in, and the day is gone. Now don’t get me wrong, nine out of ten are terrific and worth reading if that’s how I wished to spend my time, but I’ve got a novel to write.
Since that day things have been progressing much better. I’m still not moving at lightening speed but after the holidays, I plan on no excuses.
After the events in Connecticut yesterday, I’m reminded once more how precious time is and if I’m to finish my novel before my grandkids have kids of their own, I will keep my goal in sight. So, I’ll do my best to remember the only accolades I want or need for this book are the ones coming from five adoring fans who think I’m great no matter how many copies I’ll sell. They are my target audience.
Should anyone else enjoy the words I put between the first page and last, well that’ll be icing on the cake. Now I’ve some writing to do for the love of some young readers and the pure pleasure of writing.
Stay motivated.