Should you write a fancy outline for your novel?

While we are all enjoying the holidays with family and friends, I hope you’ll also enjoy this flash from the past “Best of Jean’s Writing.”

Maybe- Maybe not. It’s your book, you make the rules. Different strokes for different folks. Me, I’m trying to be more organized in my writing this year. Only time will tell if I’…

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3 thoughts on “Should you write a fancy outline for your novel?

  1. The first novel I ever completed had no outline. I just wrote and then went back and gave it shape. I recently submitted it to a publisher and I am not holding my breath lol. I’m working on another one now and again no formal outline. I tend to write in scenes and then fill in the spaces. The outline is in my head but I like the scenes and plot to surprise me as I write. However, the novel I REALLY want to write is a complex murder/suspense and I feel I absolutely need not just a solid plot outline but deep character profiles, both of which I’m slowly working on. I’m hoping to get another novel or two under my belt before I attempt that one in earnest because I must get it right and so need more experience first. Thanks for this post!

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