Why not turn that novel into a short story?

May is almost over and so is National Short Story Month.

Did you submit a short story? Wish I’d spent my time on NSSM instead of reading, studying and ripping my current work in progress (WIP) apart. Now I’m considering just burying it in the back of my closet and denying its existence.

Is Your Idea a Short Story or Novel?

Makes me wonder if my “novel” be better as a short story???

There are three days left in National Short Story Month. Three days, hmm. Not sure I can write something worth reading in three days.

No, let me revise that statement. I can write something, but getting it ready for prime time is the challenge.

Ding, ding, ding! Light bulb moment. Why not try? I love a challenge. What about you?

Did you submit a short story for the month of May frenzy?

Do tell. And do share any success stories.

Maybe it’s too late to get in those submissions for National Short Story Month but it’s never too late for inspiration to strike.

On Twitter check out  #ShortReads or  for a list of people, places and stories. And follow @ShortStoryMonth for more….

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Okay, is that enough to get the juices flowing?

No? Then watch a pro – Steven King.

Time to start clicking those keys. Happy writing!



13 thoughts on “Why not turn that novel into a short story?

  1. I started researching the industry almost a year back, and concerned about my bio and lack of credentials, I thought that short stories might be a way to get some publishing credits. I’ve never written one, though. There’s a lot of writing prompts flying around, so maybe I could try one day. Just need to write these next two books in my series…lol

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  2. This is a great post. I have often tried to weigh up if an idea in my head should be a short story or the workings of a novel. A short story is a great way to master brevity. I look forward to catching up with you other posts on writing 🙂

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