Tips on how to share a post

Do you like to reblog?

Want more control over your post page?

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As the saying goes, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.”


I’m sure most of you are familiar with the “Reblog” button but I prefer the “Press This” button.

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Or what about a Blogspot post? I use the title with a link to the post.

Why? Because I’m a control freak. I like to know what my post will look like once it’s published. Plus I like to control when my post hits the web.

Here’s one of my little videos to explain the process.

So what do you think? 

Will this help you share more blog posts, or not?

Any tips or shortcuts you use to reblog?

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Do you know how to add sound to your book?

Again! I learned something new today!

I had no idea a soundtrack could be added to an ebook. Who knew? Probably all of y’all, I’m usually the last to hear about all of this new-fangled techie stuff. But this is so way cool. 

Will I use it? Not sure.

Why? Because when I pick up a book I like to shut out the world around me. I don’t enjoy listening to music or multi-tasking when I read. I prefer a quiet room or my porch on a warm sunny day.  

Now my grandkids are different. The teenagers in our family enjoy reading with music blaring through headphones attached to their ears. To me, that’s a distraction.

However, I can remember a time when I did homework listening to the radio so maybe it’s not so different. Music comforts us, romance and relaxation.

And music is important to storytelling. Without music, movies would be boring.

But fiction writers can’t rely on music to create the tension or sounds to show a motor, river or a moving object. Or can we?

Ever heard of Booktrack?

Well, I hadn’t until now. Wow, seems I’m always the last to know the latest new fangled software. 

  • I learned this program can add a movie soundtrack to your ebook. Is your hero drowning? Add the sounds of a rushing river. Need to add fear and tension? You can add a music score worthy of an Oscar. With sound, the writer can use sound to convey what’s happening instead of words to make reading the scene richer and more like a movie. 
  • I learned that I could  add background noise during character dialog. Such as glasses clinking, a door closing or a gun shot this takes writing to a whole different level.
  • This program can turn your novel or novella into a screenplay.

Is this the way of the future?

I’m not sure how much this will catch on but I think there is definitely a place for the technology.

Booktrack Studio Free App in Google Play 

Step by Step how to – BookTrack Video Tutorials

Self- Publish BookTrack Studio Facts

Use BookTrack for Marketing Booktrack Authors Group

So what do y’all think? 

Here to stay or a fad? 

Use it or lose it?

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What do you think comes first?

The chicken or the egg?

More purchases or more reader reviews?

And I’m not talking about purchasing reviews – those are BAD, forbidden, illegal, and just plain wrong.

No, I’m asking if you think reader reviews are so important that you give away copies to get reviews, hoping the reviews will be good. There is always a chance some readers won’t like your style.

Without reader reviews, no interest is generated.

A bit of a dilemma right?


So what is a writer to do?

Kari Stevenson wrote over at just why Book Reviews Are Important

Yes, it’s a lot of work. I know, believe me. But I’ve not landed an agent to do the work for me, nor have I the money to hire a marketing agency so I’m plodding along.

Anyone have any good ideas out there for obtaining more reader reviews please share them! We would all love to know your secret.

Make a list and check it twice.

How to Get Reviews For Your Book (Without Begging, Bribing or Resorting to Subterfuge) by

Tim Grahl give you a form email to help.


What to say in a book review.

How To Get More Amazon Book Reviews By Jonathan Gunson

Amazon Reviewer Guidelines

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Do you want someone to read your story?

Then maybe it’s time to submit something.

Here are a few places to wet your feet with a short story, flash fiction or an article. So go on and show your stuff. Then let us know where to click and read.

Mash Stories deadline for next contest submission is 15th October 2015 

Nevermore Horror contest Submissions close on October 20th

Novel Opening Chapter & Synopsis Competition over at Flash500This is an annual competition: closes on 31st October.

A flash fiction Flash500 competition where the prize money truly reflects the skill required to encapsulate an entire story in just 500 words. Next closing is 31st of December.

Words with Jam Short Story Competition 2015 closes 31st October 2015.

Writers’ Village contest deadline is midnight GMT 30th November 2015

For various publications, be sure and check out NewPages.

I’ve been so busy with my book, I haven’t had a lot of time for contests and articles. However, I’m thinking it might be time to get back in the groove.

What about you? Do you have several works in process at one time or are you single-minded with each project?

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