Smelled Like Death and Cheap Perfume

The scent was overpowering, smelled like death and cheap perfume. I stepped over books and clothes, careful not to fall. Candy wrappers and trash littered corners. A pizza box teetered on top of the dresser.

I set down the Pinesol, snapped open the large plastic garbage bag, slipped on a pair of heavy-duty rubber gloves, and wished I’d brought a gas mask. Piece by piece I dropped everything into the trash bag.

Exhausted, but relieved glad I’d found nothing dead or squeaking.

“Mom, what’ve you done?”

“Cleaned your room.”

“But my stuff… .”

“Gone,” I said and left my daughter, stunned, standing in her empty bedroom.

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#170

the prompt this week and it is :

…the scent was overpowering…


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9 thoughts on “Smelled Like Death and Cheap Perfume

  1. Jean, great post! Did not guess the end. Made me laugh. Memories of the same clean- up of my 16 year old son’s room. We did leave the black trash bag outside his door and gave him time to retrieve treasured things. You know how losses never leave kid’s emotional minds. Christine


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