Want to know how to shorten the road to novel publication?

Try your hand at writing Flash. 

You heard right. Writing Flash can ease the way to publication.


For one, writing snippets of fiction can help you finish that novel and make much-needed contacts in the industry.


Have you written a good flash piece? Submitted it for publication? Print or eZine? 

BECCA PUGLISI from Writers Helping Writers,  article link below, shares 5 ways writing and submitting flash fiction can shorten the road to novel publication.

My take away on the benefits of writing flash…

  • Exposes you to editors.
  • Win or lose, contacts with industry professionals is invaluable.
  • Flash comes in many forms. Fiction, non-fiction, and memoirs.
  • Writing flash is good practice.
  • A Flash story can be expanded to a full novel.

Read Becca’s entire article and get the nitty-gritty about writing Flash stories. 

What Can Flash Fiction Do For Novel Writers?





Do you need to advertise your book?

I don’t know.

I love writing. Whether, it’s on my blog, short story, flash fiction or a children’s book, I really love writing. Marketing my books, not so much. It always makes me think of bragging. 

With the thousands of books written and published every day, how can I convince someone to read mine?

reading book

Is it because I know so little about the selling and marketing side that I don’t like it?

Could be. But one day, I may have to throw off my insecurities and learn more about how to market my books.

That’s why I was thrilled to read the latest post by 

His experience with Bookbub’s blog plus the extensive list of links for marketing books will be one I’ll save and read many times. Congrats Nicholas for the recognition he received and thanks for passing on much-needed information.

Hop over and read what happened to Nicholas and the abundance of marketing links on his post. The link is at the bottom of this post. You will want to bookmark his blog!

Tell me are you ready to begin marketing yourself as an author?

Do you hesitate to toot your own horn?

blow horn

Is cost what stops you or the process itself?

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 That Jaw-dropping Moment when Bookbub Mentions your Blog by 


How to avoid mistakes with your story

Avoiding writing mistakes is not as easy as it sounds.


At least for me. So I loved finding more helpful tips.

I enjoy short stories. Especially flash fiction. Maybe it’s my imagination. I think Flash Fiction leaves a lot to imagine. Having said that, this article helped me think how I write both short stories and Flash.

In the following post:

Mistakes to avoid in Short Story Writing By  

Ms. Parrish explains not only what mistakes to avoid, but also what is and is not a story.

What she said really resonated with me.

The reader should leave a story, seeing something they didn’t see in the beginning.

That’s a story, it’s not a description goes how things are or were, it’s not a sensibility, or a mood. These things are elements of the story, but not the story.

I don’t know about you, but I’m guilty of getting bogged down with too much detail and description which can slow down the story.

Read the post by  and let me know which part of writing a story do you have difficulty with.

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How to understand the difference

Between Flash Fiction, Micro Fiction or a Short Story, that is.

Me, I really enjoy writing Flash. It’s quick and gets my juices flowing. Writing a quick flash takes my mind places I never expected. My imagination starts humming like a well oiled machine. 

Pixabay Image

 talks about Keeping it Short and Sweet- Flash Fiction

I agree with Mr. Lees, in that Flash Fiction leaves a lot to the imagination of the reader. In Flash everything is not spelled out or tied up in a bright red bow. The reader can envision all sorts of beginnings and endings.

The constraints of word count, prompts or both help me with the discipline of writing. Watch this quick video on writing Flash.


Want to try your hand at Flash?

Here are a few publications to get you started101 WordsMashStories, Ink Sweat and Tears, The Writer’s Arena, Flash Fiction.net, Flash Fiction Online, Brevity Magazine. 

For more go to The Review Review.

To keep up with what’s happening in the world of Flash Fiction search #flashfiction on Twitter.

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