A late start

…but better than never.

I’m off to a roaring start with my very first A to Z challenge.

Falling back on the easy About Me post.

In-a-nutshell, writing is my third act in life. I grew up in a small SC town located near the foothills of the Great Smoky MountainsSmoky Mountains2

Living this third act in Texas peppers many of my stories with down-home Southern flavor

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7 thoughts on “A late start

  1. It’s my first challenge too, Jean. Best of luck. I agree it’s never too late. I went back to school at age 40 and back again a few years later! This year I began my blog and I’m really enjoying it. Take care! Joan


  2. Hi, Jean. It’s nice to meet a fellow writer. For years i was a classroom teacher, then I made the jump to writing for children. It’s fun to see how people found the path to writing and publication.

    Have fun with this A to Z Challenge. I sure am!


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