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Dust off your keyboard and submit all those great stories you slaved over all winter long.

This is May and it is National Short Story Month and the opportunities abound.

Let me know about any contests I’ve missed. There must be a zillion more out there.

Who are you submitting to? Leave me a comment and add your favorite to the list.

Get ready!

Get set!

Select and…

Good Luck!

Publications Accepting Submissions:

  1. Six Words Stories 
  2. Don’t Do It Ezine
  3. NANO short story 31 writing prompts 
  4. Storm Cellar Quarterly  Accepts submissions year round.

Contests Open for Submissions:

  1. Glimmer Train:  1st: $1,500 May 31, 2014 deadline
  2. NANO:  contest The sixth-annual NANO Prize $500, 300 words max, Deadline: September 1, 2014
  3. DECISIONS, DECISIONS This contest offers free critiques.
  4. 53 Press:
  5. Writing Maps Journal:  See website for details.
  6. Writers Village:  The top 50 contestants, whether they win a cash prize or not, will also gain a brief personal critique of their stories.
  7. Short Story Competition:   Cash prize Closing date: 31 July 2014
  8. Narrative Magazine: Cash prize Deadline June 15.
  9. Flavor Wire: Cash Prize.
  10. HHA short story: See website for more details.
  11. Jotters United  Deadline May 31, 2014 See website for details.
  12. Poetry:   Poetry Anthology –Submissions open until June 30, 2014
  13. TIFERET Writing Contest    $1200 in prizes, $15 fee per entry, June 1, 2014 is the Deadline.
  14. Flash Fiction:   Blue Earth Review  Flash Fiction Contest Deadline August 1, 2014, $500 1st place, 2nd-$250, 3rd-$100. Winners will be published in Fall issue. Other admirable submissions may be published. $2 fee Submit here
  15. Crazy Horse    Deadline July 31, 2014 $1000 prize,  All entries will be considered by our editors for publication, and the $15 entry fee includes a one-year subscription

 Please check websites for additional rules and details.

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Are you ready to reach for the stars?

Well, maybe the stars are a bit high, but how about a place to stretch your talents? Sometimes it’s good to take a leap and jump off in the deep end. Yes, I know putting your writing out for someone to judge is scary. Make that downright terrifying. Pee your pants, bite your nails, sick to your stomach terrifying. But the rewards are so worth the effort.

No, you won’t win every time. In fact the odds are not in your favor. However, so often the judges are kind enough to send a brief critique with their rejection. That is a win too. Just remember that even for the non-cash prize, ezine publications, there are thousands of writers entering each contest. I’m not saying that to discourage you, but to put things in perspective.

Not all of the contests pay cash prizes or any prize at all, but that shouldn’t stop you from entering, nor should the fact your entry is but one of many. The experience helps us grow as writers.

So, if you’re interested, here are a few contests to get you started. Remember, read and follow the rules. Check and recheck for typos. I know that sounds elementary, but everyone makes mistakes. Believe me, I know.

American Short Story Fiction

Hint Fiction

Flash Fiction Chronicles

Raymond Carver Short Story Contest at Carve Magazine 

New Pages (a source for submissions)

Nano Fiction

Press 53

Glimmer Train

 WOW Women on Writing (love this contest, get great feedback from judges)

 Maybe, you’re looking for a market place to sell your work check out Brainstorms & Bylines 

Or WOW Women on Writing job board. 

 Also Check out Story Dam or Julia’s Place for writing prompts to get your juices flowing.

If you have a favorite contest or website, let us know.

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