Read for Free, well sort of…

I love to get something free and although Kindle Unlimited is $9.99 monthly the number of books borrowed makes the membership a bargain.

I’ve read a lot of wonderful books by Indie and established writers. Of course, also a few not so wonderful but I’m not going to go there. When I download one not to my taste, I just return the book after a few pages. No harm no foul.

Kindle Unlimited is beneficial to readers and writers. Molly Greene, author and blogger gives a great break down on Kindle Unlimited payouts. Although she contends it’s not a lot of dough, I’m impressed and glad to know I’m contributing to the success of writers when I read for free. You can read her blog post here.

I also wanted to share some great reads I’ve found through Kindle Unlimited.

And I rated with 5 stars5gold-star3

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