How many words can one person write in a day?

Are you just too busy to write that dang book?

Seems like my summer passed in a flash and I got diddly squat accomplished. That’s Southern for not much.

cat laptop

Then along comes an article that made my jaw drop.

How I Write 10,000 Words Per Day, Every Day by Nicolas Cole


Now, while his tips and advice are worth noting, who the hell is going to do my laundry while I write 10,000 words a day?

He is one organized dude. God, I wish I was half as organized as he is. Just reading his schedule made me tired. Is it my nap time yet?


Okay, maybe he has a point. Maybe turn off my phone (but what if one of the kids needs me?) and turn off social media (but I’ll miss all the cute cat memes) I might get more writing done.


Never mind you don’t want to hear all of my excuses. What about you?

Are you disciplined and organized?

How many words do you strive for in a day? Or do you set a word goal?

Talk to me in the comments, I loved to read your thoughts.

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Here’s to life!

“First comes love then comes marriage, then comes…” Can you remember the taunting nursery rhyme? Aimed at teasing a sibling, friend or maybe at ourselves at that first crush.

Then the real thing hits, love blooms and if you were like me the world had no limits. Oh to be that young again.

The sixties and seventies were magical. The world seemed to be exploding with opportunities. Young and in love we left family and friends far behind for a better life. We would be different, we would not become our parents. Our children would be exposed to all the differences and the wonders we could provide. After all we had a car, and steady paycheck from Uncle Sam. My new husband just had to avoid getting shot at a few more months. After the birth of our first child we left Uncle Sam and New England for the warmth of the South.

I worked hard to become the hippest/hottest new Mom on the block. Dr. Spock was all the rage and with the help of Dr. Joyce Brothers and saran wrap things were hopping at our house. But like many stay at home moms with two kids, a hard-working husband and various pets I became bored with the Desperate Housewife way of life. I needed more.

Along came a cause in the form of religion; Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker. Unless you lived underground you know I’m talking about the 700 Club in Charlotte, N.C.  I fell hook line and sinker, found God, and set out to save the world. Soon my family and I were involved in the Assemblies of God and later an independent church that led us to Houston, TX.

We lived and worked in Houston for many years. As all things go in cycles, so did religion. Suffice it to say, our eyes were opened and our hearts broken. Along with a lot of folks we lost everything but each other.

Soon our path led us to Dallas where we’ve built a wonderful life and watched our kids become beautiful adults. Today I thought of an old Frank Sinatra song. Where the lyrics say something about being a puppet, a pauper, a poet, a something a other… Then goes on with… “That’s life.”

My life isn’t what I thought it would be, but I’m not sure how many people can say their life is going exactly as planned.

I set out to set the world afire, it doesn’t need to be ablaze.

I set out to change the world, it’s not a one person job.

I set out to make a difference, I think we all make a difference one way or another.

So here I sit attempting to do something for myself, write. I’ve dabbled at it off and on the last couple of years, as time permitted. Writing is a dream I’ve resurrected from my childhood. This is for me. I hope one day I’ll enjoy reading what I’ve written, as will others.

If not oh well, “That’s Life.”

So when my writing gets off course, like life, and I’m sure it will. I’ll pick myself up, read a good book, dust off my keyboard and try again. If you too need a little encouragement, check out some of the books/blogs below and get back in the race.

Great to get unstuck