How many words can one person write in a day?

Are you just too busy to write that dang book?

Seems like my summer passed in a flash and I got diddly squat accomplished. That’s Southern for not much.

cat laptop

Then along comes an article that made my jaw drop.

How I Write 10,000 Words Per Day, Every Day by Nicolas Cole


Now, while his tips and advice are worth noting, who the hell is going to do my laundry while I write 10,000 words a day?

He is one organized dude. God, I wish I was half as organized as he is. Just reading his schedule made me tired. Is it my nap time yet?


Okay, maybe he has a point. Maybe turn off my phone (but what if one of the kids needs me?) and turn off social media (but I’ll miss all the cute cat memes) I might get more writing done.


Never mind you don’t want to hear all of my excuses. What about you?

Are you disciplined and organized?

How many words do you strive for in a day? Or do you set a word goal?

Talk to me in the comments, I loved to read your thoughts.

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24 thoughts on “How many words can one person write in a day?

  1. I would think he would have to be able to type at least 80 words per minute, maybe more to get 10,000 words per day. Also, is this going to cause early burnout? And how is his body holding out sitting for three hours straight at one time?

    I do not turn off my phone. I have a landline. I have a 91-year-old mother who I want to keep track of. Even if I was not disabled, the best typing I could probably do and still have it be coherent is 50 words per minute. I close my browser when I am working on a project or blog post. I am, in no way, a multitasker. I get up and do something, anything that is a little physical about every 45 minutes so my body does not cramp anyplace.

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    1. Sounds like life. That’s my issue, life gets in the way with all of my grand plans. Wouldn’t it be nice to be young again? Full of energy?
      I used to type 80 words a minute but that was so long ago I barely remember. LOL
      If I sit through a movie my joints scream when I stand. Sitting long enough to write 10K – ouch. Not gonna happen. But I can still dream. 🙂

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      1. I don’t turn off the phone either, also a landline. I don’t answer it unless it’s important. I guess that’s why the middle of the night writing is best for me. Everyone else is asleep which means no interruptions. The problem now is I have a harder time staying up so late. Sitting that long is not good for you healthwise anyway. There are some spurt writers now. They write hard for thirty-minute spurts, take a break, and then write for another thirty minutes. They say it’s working for them.

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  2. Just think if I could write 10,000 words per day, I could write the draft to a novel in a week. Release a book every month or two. That would be six books a year. Oh well, I’m a dreamer. 🙂

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  3. I’m a binge writer too. I think I have written 10K or close in a day once, then took the rest of the week off. I’m one that takes forever to get started writing but once I do I can be up all night. In the middle of the night is when I’m the most efficient.

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    1. Wow, 7k is a lot. The most I’ve managed is half that amount. But you’re right, it is very draining. The day after I only managed 400+ and that was a struggle. Now if only I could be disciplined enough to pace myself better. LOL


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