How to write a perfect book review

Have you read a good book lately? But don’t know how to write a glowing review that will do it justice?

Quote by Joyce Carol Oates- A good, sympathetic review is always a wonderful surprise.

Well, have I got a great blog post for you.

Rachel Poli breaks down how simple it is to write a book review.

In six steps write book reviews that sound like a pro.

  1. Cover- Good, bad, amazing or eye-catching?
  2. Reason- What inspired you to pick up this book?
  3. Plot- What did you like about the story?
  4. Characters- Did you love, hate or relate to them?
  5. Style- Did the story make sense? Flow and pacing good?
  6. Rating- Why and what rating did you give the book?

You must hop over and read the entire post. Rachel goes into a lot more detail than I did here. Then you can rock those book reviews!


A great book review template by Rachel Poli via My Book Review Format.

Do you think this will help you write your next review?

Do you have a special formula to write reviews?

Do you find writing book reviews difficult?




Authors beware, watch out for this scam

Tis the season for scamming everyone with a pulse.

More scammers appear every day, like ants at an all they can eat picnic. These varmints call,  text, email and show up on Facebook and Twitter.

Y’all need to watch out for this scam. A company preying on writers want to sell books and reach readers. Apparently, this particular scam has been around for a few years but I  heard about them until…

Today they tried to hook me. 

Now let me tell you, getting through on my home phone is no easy feat. A few months ago we bought a landline phone with Smart Call Blocker. This phone screens out all robo calls unless I’ve added a number (like a docs office) to the directory.

So, anywho—when the phone rings I expect someone I know and have approved to be on the line.

But today I picked up the phone and a caller identified herself as a Book Scout for the publishing company Readers Magnet. They wanted to republish Tryouts for Ben, for a fee of course. I won’t bore you with her attempt at flattery. Might’ve worked if the connection and her English hadn’t been so horrible. LOL

At first, I tried to be polite and say “no thank you.” But she would not stop talking.

Finally, I said, “NO, I do not want to do business with you.” And hung up the phone before she could continue her spiel. 

Let’s get real Y’all. Publishers and agents do not need Literary Book Scouts or Talent Scouts. A legit company has more writers banging on their door than they can count. So, don’t fall for a “Scout” who calls or writes you. They are scammers. 

And the scamming doesn’t stop there. If you Google scams, you’ll get websites that want to sell you a service or program to avoid scams. REALLY! 

Good grief. Enough already. 

Know more about this company before your phone rings. Read the links below.

Questions of the day… 

Have you been called by a Readers Magnet, Literary Book Scout?

Do you know of another publishing scam we need to avoid?




Don’t get scammed by companies like Reader’s Magnet 

Complaint Review: READERS MAGNET

How many words can one person write in a day?

Are you just too busy to write that dang book?

Seems like my summer passed in a flash and I got diddly squat accomplished. That’s Southern for not much.

cat laptop

Then along comes an article that made my jaw drop.

How I Write 10,000 Words Per Day, Every Day by Nicolas Cole


Now, while his tips and advice are worth noting, who the hell is going to do my laundry while I write 10,000 words a day?

He is one organized dude. God, I wish I was half as organized as he is. Just reading his schedule made me tired. Is it my nap time yet?


Okay, maybe he has a point. Maybe turn off my phone (but what if one of the kids needs me?) and turn off social media (but I’ll miss all the cute cat memes) I might get more writing done.


Never mind you don’t want to hear all of my excuses. What about you?

Are you disciplined and organized?

How many words do you strive for in a day? Or do you set a word goal?

Talk to me in the comments, I loved to read your thoughts.

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How to recognize your fingerprints in a story

If someone dusted your story, would they know it was yours?

Fingerprint and keyboard

All writers have a unique pattern of word usage. Tweet it!

That’s right. Take a look at your writing. Do you use a certain phrase or word over and over? I gotta admit, this is something I haven’t thought about before. Sometimes I overuse words in a draft and will toss them out later. But, I’ve never given much thought to what words or phrase identify me.

Until I read an article by Ben Blatt.

Writers are creatures of habit and have a singular voice they will not or cannot change. We don’t like change any more than any one else. If we are comfortable with a word we use it like sprinkles on ice cream. What I discovered from Mr. Blatt is using a word often is not always bad. Famous authors all have a “tell”.

Now as with all things there is an app for that. LOL

Keep reading!

Can You Identify an Author By How Often They Use the Word “The”? By Ben Blatt

Authors leave a distinctive hidden fingerprint in their stories.

Do you know yours?  

Want to find out?

Thanks to Mr. Blatt you now can!

MoWa Literary Fingerprint – Author Identifier By Ben Blatt

Can’t wait to play with this!

What about you? What do you think?

Leave me a comment and let’s talk.

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