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It’s Friday Review Time

I downloaded Sara’s Game (The Sara Winthrop Thriller Series Book 1) by Ernie Lindsey last week and read it in one day. As the reviews promised this is a grab you and not let go thriller.

To enjoy this book all you must do is, sit back, and suspend belief for one lazy summer afternoon.

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But, isn’t that just plain ole good fiction? I mean when was the last time you attended a Quiddich match at Texas Stadium?

Or fell in love with a vampire, or watched a drop dead spy hang from a helicopter as he killed the villain?

And one thing I think we can all agree on is that no Werewolf and human should mate.

So it shouldn’t be that hard to believe a mom would move heaven and earth, fight the devil himself, thwart the police and defeat a sociopath to save her three children.

Yes, good fiction can allow the reader suspend logic for a few hours and believe the unbelievable. And Mr. Lindsey did that for me.

Let’s face it, what could be more terrifying than a missing child?

Maybe three missing children and a missing husband… .

I enjoyed this fast, quick read and left the logical side of my brain at the door and went along for harrowing ride where for once the heroine defeats the psycho.

So if you’re looking for a book to read as you curl up pool side this Saturday download Sara’s Game while it’s FREE.

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How to Wow Readers with Your Book Cover

This is so on point after yesterday’s post.

Doesn’t matter how good the story if no one notices the book sitting on the shelf.

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Publishing is complicated so whenever I discover interesting tips and tricks I want to pass them on to my readers.

Designing a Book Cover That Tells by Christopher Lentz posted at Writers in the Storm explains the importance of book design plus gives a couple of design hacks.

Read his great post and find out what the number 6 has to do with your cover.

Want to know how to design in MS Word? Click and read Joanna Penn’s post-How To Make Your Own Free Book Cover In MS Word

Do not Disturb! Creative Genius at Work


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Navigating Kindle Direct Publishing

Find out how to publish your book on Kindle Direct.

This is must have info for anyone interested in publishing a book on Kindle Direct Publishing. A big thanks goes out to Chris the Story Reading Ape’s Blog for sharing a post written by Lisa Morrow on her official site. I’m sure y’all will be as thrilled as I was to read her tips.

Anyone else out there have tips to make the process easier please let us know!

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Lisa Morrow Official Author Page


Learning to use Kindle Direct Publishing to publish my novel To Kill a Wizard wasn’t nearly as hard as learning to properly format my book for Kindle readers. Both, however, had their challenges, which I’ll share here, as well as, some tips on how I formatted my novel.

Things I learned:

  • First, I uploaded my book and made sure there were no basic issues.
  • After that, I looked at how my book actually appeared on my Kindle Previewer. I found I needed to adjust my spacing, indents, and font size, depending on what I thought looked best.
    • In “page setup,” I changed the page size to be six-by-nine.
    • Then, I had to select a “custom margin” based on the size of my book. I believe I went with the “top,” “bottom,” and “outside” being .5, the “inside” being 0, and the “gutter” being .75.
    • I selected “mirror margins” and applied…

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Better Living Through Chemistry

The clock mocks me. Twelve, midnight. A soft sigh escapes as I scoot deeper beneath the covers. Just once, please let me sleep. The silent pray slips through my exhausted mind.

Water drips from the kitchen sink, a neighbor’s dog barks, and I twist amid the sheets like a swimmer tangled in seaweed. There’s a red 2 on the face of the clock. If I squint, it looks like a twisted smirk.

I give up, and reach for the night stand. The tiny white pill is bitter, but the water cool. I close my eyes and shut out the neon numbers.

Today’s Writing Prompt for Bite Size Fiction is brought to you by –

Julia’s Place 100 Word Challenge For Grownups – #154

…please let me sleep…


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