Are you happy with your latest writing idea? Need a new one?

Since National Novel Writing Month is almost over, what will you do next?

Thanksgiving is here and we are right on top of Christmas.

So what will you write now?

Where will you get your next big idea?

After you finish one project do you jump right into the next? Or do you get idea fatigue?

Whether it’s a home improvement, decorating, a big party, or a writing project, afterward I fight the dreaded fatigue fugue.

That’s what I call it. You know the feeling that you’ve given all you can give? When my brain is totally tapped out. I call that, fatigue fugue.

I convince myself that there couldn’t be another idea left in my tired old brain. But then when I least expect it a seed starts germinating.

Sometimes it starts with a word, a prompt, a comment by the grandkids (yes, kids do say the darnedest things), a news story, or a view.


If you’re struggling with idea fatigue or stumbling into a fatigue fugue, start looking around, listening or free writing.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so head over to Pinterest. There is no end of ideas waiting there. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can stir up emotions. People have lots of opinions that might start a conversation and lead to a great story.

Still need a jump-start? Clear back while I grab the cables.


Robin Oliver with one simple question gives us 5 steps to jump start content strategy. I believe this tip can even work with fiction.

What question could you ask that would get the ideas pumping?

We are all familiar with the “What if” question, so add that to Ms. Oliver’s question and see what happens.

 answers the question, Where Do Successful Authors Get Their Most Brilliant Writing Ideas?



Do you want people to find your blog?

I know I do!

I loved this idea from Mostly Bloging.

How to Get Tremendous Blog Traffic with Instagram BY

Must admit, I hadn’t thought of using Instagram to help with my blog.

It’s a great idea!

The only drawback is Instagram is for mobile devices. To send a photo or pic from computer to Instagram it must come from your phone or Ipad.


Makes things a bit awkward, but I think it may be worth the trouble. I’m gonna give it a try.

So let me know, do you use Instagram? Are you going to now?

PS: Want to watermark your photos from a mobile device?

Checkout  tip, How to Watermark your Instagram Photos.

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How to Tweet and Blog Effectively

Think you’re too busy for Twitter?

Well there is a way to tweet and keep writing. twitter-117595_640

Over at Positive Writer, Bryan Collins lists 6 tips on how we can be successful on Twitter and not let our writing suffer.

Twitter and Facebook are tools writers use to engage readers, not annoy them.

My favorite is number 5, there Bryan gets us started with 10 great hashtags.

Tweets can get lost without hashtags.

Need more than 10? How about 100?

Then click on Areogramme Writers’ Studio for 100 hashtags every writer should know. Thanks Bryan for the link.

Here are 7 more tips for success from Janice Wald.

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True Love Waits

Thanks to Lillie McFerrin Writes

She waited and listened, sitting in the same chair for hours. The road remained silent and empty, just like the last year of her life.

Another day gone, one day left, his letter said this week. Her hand trembled as she moved to close the window and shut out the cool night air.  In the distance, a cloud of dust clouded her vision and she ran to meet her love half-way.

What this about?

Lillie McFerrin Writes Five Sentence Fiction
Prompt -Open

Join in the fun, write a story in five words and join in the fun.

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