Do you think writers need more social media?

Do you find social media apps confusing or even a bit frightening?

Like, for instance, InstagramInstagram symbolI do! I can barely keep up with Twitter and Facebook. Plus, I don’t have a clue about how to use Instagram effectively. AND, I’m terrible at self-promotion. Which leads to panic every time I try a new social media platform.

Kid running away in frightBut, I recently learned a bit more about how to use Instagram without going nuts or running away in fear.



Using Instagram to Promote Your Book by Author Steve Boseley 

Thanks go to Steve Boseley for this enlightening and encouraging article.

What I learned from Steve…

  • Instagram has a free business account.
  • Millions of people use Instagram daily. (500 – 800 M) Which far outpaces Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Wow!
  • Make sure your Instagram name is easy to read and spell. Hmm…
  • Take advantage of the Bio link. With this, you can send readers to your landing page, website or newsletter.
  • With the free business account, you can link Instagram to your Facebook page. Using the phone app…
    • Click on your pic at the bottom, next click on the three lines at the top right corner, select Settings at the bottom, next select account and “Switch to a Business account.”
  • Don’t hit readers over the head with a hard sell. Limit sales posts to 30% of all your posts.
  • Make your photos unique. Instagram allows you to edit them with a range of filters and effects. Make your pics unique. Post high-quality photos with engaging captions.
  • You can add multiple photos on one post and the reader can scroll through them.
  • Size does matter, Steve gives us info on the best.
  • Readers love behind the scenes photos. Let them see your workspace and process as a writer.
  • Check the Hashtags of other users and follow their lead. Steve gives a link on how to not suck at Hashtags. Be sure and check it out.
  • To promote your books, post relevant pics.
  • Post often and regularly. YIKES! Now I need to find the time.
Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland with watch
Where does the time go?

Want to know more about using Instagram?

Be sure and click on Steve’s link above, and read his entire article. Because I only hit the highlights, there is much more to know about the media.





Don’t forget your favorite Graduate!



Do you need help Tweeting your blog?

I do!

And without Tweetdeck I would’ve been lost over the holidays.

At times I had 5 grandchildren sleeping over, and a house overflowing with fun and holiday cheer. So there was little time to Tweet out in a timely manner to my peeps out in Tweetdom. But I hated the thought of leaving them out in the cold for two entire weeks.

Thank you TweetDeck!

And Thank you Hashtags!

Learning to Twitter – Part 1

Posted by  Werner

This post is filled with great tips on using TweetDeck and a terrific list of hashtags

Some of my favorites are #amwriting, #writing, #blogging, and #blogger. Do you have a favorite hashtag you use?


One new thing I’ve started doing is setting up tweets to go out, via TweetDeck, of older posts. Why? Because new people are joining Twitter every day. 

Hey, I’m into recycling, aren’t we all. Save the environment and all. Wait, that’s cans and plastic. Oh well. 

Pop over and read Solveig’s blog, get your tweets organized in 2016 and forget about your closet, it can wait until Spring cleaning.

What about you? Any tips or tricks you use to stay organized on Twitter?

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How to Tweet and Blog Effectively

Think you’re too busy for Twitter?

Well there is a way to tweet and keep writing. twitter-117595_640

Over at Positive Writer, Bryan Collins lists 6 tips on how we can be successful on Twitter and not let our writing suffer.

Twitter and Facebook are tools writers use to engage readers, not annoy them.

My favorite is number 5, there Bryan gets us started with 10 great hashtags.

Tweets can get lost without hashtags.

Need more than 10? How about 100?

Then click on Areogramme Writers’ Studio for 100 hashtags every writer should know. Thanks Bryan for the link.

Here are 7 more tips for success from Janice Wald.

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