How to understand the difference

Between Flash Fiction, Micro Fiction or a Short Story, that is.

Me, I really enjoy writing Flash. It’s quick and gets my juices flowing. Writing a quick flash takes my mind places I never expected. My imagination starts humming like a well oiled machine. 

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 talks about Keeping it Short and Sweet- Flash Fiction

I agree with Mr. Lees, in that Flash Fiction leaves a lot to the imagination of the reader. In Flash everything is not spelled out or tied up in a bright red bow. The reader can envision all sorts of beginnings and endings.

The constraints of word count, prompts or both help me with the discipline of writing. Watch this quick video on writing Flash.

Want to try your hand at Flash?

Here are a few publications to get you started101 WordsMashStories, Ink Sweat and Tears, The Writer’s Arena, Flash, Flash Fiction Online, Brevity Magazine. 

For more go to The Review Review.

To keep up with what’s happening in the world of Flash Fiction search #flashfiction on Twitter.

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