Want to know how to shorten the road to novel publication?

Try your hand at writing Flash. 

You heard right. Writing Flash can ease the way to publication.


For one, writing snippets of fiction can help you finish that novel and make much-needed contacts in the industry.


Have you written a good flash piece? Submitted it for publication? Print or eZine? 

BECCA PUGLISI from Writers Helping Writers,  article link below, shares 5 ways writing and submitting flash fiction can shorten the road to novel publication.

My take away on the benefits of writing flash…

  • Exposes you to editors.
  • Win or lose, contacts with industry professionals is invaluable.
  • Flash comes in many forms. Fiction, non-fiction, and memoirs.
  • Writing flash is good practice.
  • A Flash story can be expanded to a full novel.

Read Becca’s entire article and get the nitty-gritty about writing Flash stories. 

What Can Flash Fiction Do For Novel Writers?





Do you know the best app for writing?

Whether you are a planner or pantser, all writers need good tools of the trade.

Sometimes I get bogged down in trying new apps. I waste too much time learning the ins and outs of an app I hope will help, but often I’m disappointed. Not because the app doesn’t work, but because it doesn’t work for me.

So, instead of spinning your wheels, like a car stuck in a ditch, read reviews before you try a new writing app.

What writing apps do I use?

  • Scrivener
    • I love this program now, but there was a big learning curve for me. And although I’ve gotten the gist of it now, I still learn something new almost every day.
  • Grammarly Premium
    • This app is one of my favorites. The free app is good too, but I upgraded to premium because I love the extras. The app is easy, and the learning curve short. Oh, one other thing about this app. It automatically checks my posts and emails.
  • Ginger
    • A free app, Ginger is easy to load and easy to use. You can listen to your story, the app also suggests rephrasing of sentences (you can accept or reject suggestions.)
  • Canva
    • This is a terrific app to design covers, promo material, and illustrations for blog posts. Easy and quick to use.
  • Sumo Paint
    • This cool app works similar to Adobe Photoshop. Not as complicated as Adobe, and for a simple layered design it’s perfect. There are a lot of Youtube videos to help on the learning curve. It can be used straight off the website, not requiring a download.
  • Paint.net
    • I use this app for simple sizing and cropping of images/photos. Super easy, quick and free.

As with all writing apps, none are perfect. And at times they contradict each other. So always double-check any suggestions before you take them as gospel.

Now I’ve discovered a few more that sound interesting. Kathy Edens has some interesting apps that may help planners and pantsers alike.

Which apps do I plan on checking out next?

  • One Stop for Writers, by Writers Helping Writers
    • This isn’t exactly new to me as I follow WHWs and love their Thesaurus books, but I haven’t used One Stop yet. Don’t know why but I’m checking it out now.
  • Pro Writing Aid
    • I used this program a few years ago. The new and improved (since I used it) looks interesting, and a lot of writers seem to love it. So gotta go and see what all the hoopla is about.

To read more reviews about these apps, click and read Kathy Edens recommendations. She lists 9 apps for you to look at.

Writing App Reviews: A Comparison of the Best by Kathy Edens

Do you have a favorite app/programs?

Which ones do you use?

Have you tried any of these? Like or dislike which ones?

Inquiring minds want to know. Share your experiences in the comments. I can’t wait to read them.

And take a minute to follow me on social media, just click on the buttons below. I’ll leave a light on.



Separating the chaff

I’ve noticed more and more everyone appears to be on the same wave length. Not that I mind, because my in-box is overflowing with knowledge. However, I try and pick out the nuggets. As with all trends this one will soon fade and another take its place. So, I’m making notes and hope I won’t forget which file I’ve stashed all this wealth.

I’ve not had a lot of time to write, life happened, but I’m reading and studying. Maybe you’ll find some of these nuggets helpful too.

There are tons more, but these offered something unique. If you’ve found a post, that has helped you in your writing, let me know. Let’s pass it on.

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