Do you believe in Magic?

Through My Eyes

The trees are older, gnarled and bent, but then so am I. The years had not been kind to the forest where I once played. I walked deeper into the shadows, my eyes searching for signs of life. The dark red stood out like drops of blood among the dark green leaves.

I stood, my hand extended with a handful of those special berries, and hoped my childhood friends would return. In minutes, the air shimmered and my cheeks warmed as I felt the first flutter of wings. The years melted away, the faeries hadn’t forgotten me.

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Here is this weeks new phrase and picture:

“…those special berries…”

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Walking after Midnight

Walking after Midnight

Clouds filled the sky, hiding the moon as a dense fog lifted from the forest floor.

My heart filled with relief as tiny flickering lights appeared illuminating the narrow path.

They twirled and danced, leading me to an archway formed by low hanging limbs an archway I hoped was an exit from the forest.

One by one, with a final wink the lights passed through the archway.

I groped like a child waking in the night, as I stood once more blind and lost in the darkness wishing for faeries.
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