Why is 2019 an important year for writers?

Here is my Friday Info Find!

An informative blog post about Public Domain. What Is Public Domain? (And Why 2019 Is a Big Year) By 

Brad explains what Public Domain is, and also provides us with an Excel spreadsheet listing works of art (movies, books, etc.) which are now free of copyright.

Click to download.  Duke University’s Center for the Study of the Public Domain.

Before you use a phrase from a book, song or movie. Find out if it was released on “Public Domain Day” on January 1, 2019. Do your research.

Want more info? Watch this short video by Steve Shives that explains more. Steve also gives us a list of some old favorites that are now part of the Public Domain. Who knows, something might just spark your imagination.


Tell me, have you thought about using an older piece of work in something new?

Have you used a quote and wondered if it were free of copyright?

What about photos?




What do you think, is it really never too late?

Only if you’re dead.

Even if you’ve published that book a year ago, as I did. Go ahead and register that copyright. Better safe, than sorry.

A big shout out to CHRIS THE STORY READING APE’S BLOG for always pointing us to important and relevant information.

This week it’s about Copyrighting. Chris hooked us up with who dispels seven myths about the process. She explains everything in simple easy to understand terms. Even I got it!

So use the clicker on your computer and read how to protect your hard written words.

The Truth Behind Popular Copyright Myths by Susan Spann on Writer Unboxed site.

 Have you registered your books?

Did you find the process easy?

Will you register them now after reading this article?

I’m waiting for your comments, love to hear from you. 

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Want to know how to protect your writing?

Protection is as important as production.

What is needed to protect your work?

Find out how to protect your writing. 

Molly Greene: Writer Blogger & Author, Gen Delacourt Mysteries, has a very informative blog post regarding Estate planning basics for writers.

Whether you have already published or still in the dreaming and planning stage this is an article you need to save for the future. Don’t let your work get lost in the cyber world.


Kathryn Goldman writes–

“An additional benefit to copyright registration is that it makes planning for the proper succession of your works just a bit easier.

The registration certificate gives substance to something that otherwise might just be considered a digital file on your computer or in your KDP account. It’s one of those important documents you hear so much about that belongs in a safe deposit box with your other important papers.–“

Click on the link below to read the entire article.

Estate Planning Basics for the Self-Published Writer by Kathryn Goldman

Tell me have you registered your writing or author name?

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