What do you think, is it really never too late?

Only if you’re dead.

Even if you’ve published that book a year ago, as I did. Go ahead and register that copyright. Better safe, than sorry.

A big shout out to CHRIS THE STORY READING APE’S BLOG for always pointing us to important and relevant information.

This week it’s about Copyrighting. Chris hooked us up with who dispels seven myths about the process. She explains everything in simple easy to understand terms. Even I got it!

So use the clicker on your computer and read how to protect your hard written words.

The Truth Behind Popular Copyright Myths by Susan Spann on Writer Unboxed site.

 Have you registered your books?

Did you find the process easy?

Will you register them now after reading this article?

I’m waiting for your comments, love to hear from you. 

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