can we talk

2 thoughts on “can we talk

  1. I am just beginning to write as I have only been on Twitter since August 2018. My characters have been living inside me for 20 plus years. I am writing live on twitter as I find it comfortable to do so. My writing style s vertical prose .. I seem to find normal prose restricting. I write romance scifi but keep it G rated as in the flavor of Korean romcoms that I have become addicted to recently. I seem to write as a conversation between characters. evidently I am using the wrong # which sent me on a search and I found you. I save them on here in Moments on my page. Some of the individual stuff is like poetry. as in this one My Poems of drifting light. especially “Sometimes I say I am not”. My characters almost never swear. I find swearing useless in my personal life and it carries on to them. The main story starts with “The Kiss” then “More Xee” and “Xee replacement” others are side stories.


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