What do you think about Kindle Unlimited?

As a reader I love it! Especially, when one of my favorite writers adds a title to KU. But after reading the latest scam making the rounds, I’m wondering if as a writer KU might be more trouble than it’s worth.giant_in_sandbox

There is no denying Amazon.com is the biggest player in the world of online booksellers. And as such we have no choice but to play in their sandbox.

However, their rules are a bit scary and gray at times. More and more it seems Amazon is becoming a power wielding giant which can strike fear into the hearts of writers.

Take Kindle Unlimited for instance. As a reader, I love KU. My books are kids books and as such are not a good choice for KU. But adult and YA books, well they are great choices for KU.

Now scammers are trying to scare authors from putting great books on the KU platform. This is terrible. I hope that Amazon will find a way to stop them other than punishing authors.Amazon_police

Read this author’s nightmare. 


Are any of your books on Kindle Unlimited?

Have you considered listing a title on KU?

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