What if you could change the world?

That’s what I try to do every day in the make-believe worlds I create. The author has complete control to move everyone and everything around at their whim. We use phrases like “what if” to push on to the next scene, or action and wham. We change the world.

Ah, too bad it’s not so easy in real life. 

That simple phrase spurs the imagination and wakes us to possible changes or new directions. When we write using the “what if” well it makes the reader think and wonder. It makes the reader turn the page and continue reading.

Saturday morning I read a wonderful editorial piece in the Dallas Morning News that made me think that kept me reading to the last word. And that my friends, is what good writing is all about.

One day I hope to write as well as Randy Lee Loftis, “People have never defeated physics by arguing. They never will. In other news…”

Pour yourself another cup of coffee, tea, a glass of wine or, grab a tall cold beer, sit back, relax and read the art of writing “what if” in this thought-provoking piece by an amazing writer.

In Other News by Randy Lee Loftis


Tell me, have you ever been grabbed by a particular piece of writing?

By a particular writer, good or bad?

Talk to me in the comments section or you can write me or reach me on Twitter @jeancogdell, Facebook at  jean.cogdell and Amazon.com, stop by and say hey!

The lights are on and I’m waiting.

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2 thoughts on “What if you could change the world?

  1. Holly Black’s book Coldest Girl in Coldtown really grabbed me. I like the way she starts with the character, draws you in, then slams the character with so much action and shock you can’t breathe as a reader. Great post. 🙂

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