Do you want to connect with writers’ groups?

There are a lot of good groups on Facebook.

Keeping up with the helpful groups is so important. I can’t tell you how much I learn from other writers and groups such as the one Kelly Gurnett was so kind to put together in one place. A quick reference such as this can lead you to just the right nugget of information.

Take a look and see if you can find a group to will encourage and enhance your writing efforts. As she states this list was compiled by writers who said they could not live without these groups.

You’ll find everything from a writers life community, Kindle publishing, and my favorite, a call for submissions. With this FB Group you’ll never run out of places to send your writing.

Just in case you missed this, must have information, from The Write Life, here it is again.

16 Facebook Groups for Writers You Don’t Want to Miss By  August 28, 2015 

Now go out and mingle!

Readers, you’ve made it this far, and I thank you, so give me just two more seconds and hit Facebook and Twitter and share.

Thank you!

If you’re not already, I’d be much obliged if you would follow me @jeancogdell on Twitter or jean.cogdell on Facebook!



13 thoughts on “Do you want to connect with writers’ groups?

      1. I always feel like I am the last one to know these things, it’s kind of funny. Been at this writing game for such a short time and the blogging thing an even smaller amount of time, everyone else seems so knowledgeable, makes me feel kind of dense. But I am learning!!!!

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