Are you almost ready?

To publish that book!

Where to go, what to do and how!

The questions are many, but hopefully these two experienced writers can help us all figure out the maze of self-publishing.

I’m playing with Createspace and trying to familiarize myself with the process. It can be intimidating, at least for this newbie.

However, after reading the step by step instructions provided by by Bryan Hutchinson over at Postive Writer, I feel a lot better. Bryan was kind with a quick response to my question too.

How to Publish a Paperback Book for FREE Using Createspace by Bryan Hutchinson

I wanted to know if I should use Ingram Spark in addition to Createspace. He suggested I publish everywhere, including Ingram Spark and even Nook Press.

19 thoughts on “Are you almost ready?

  1. I know this might sound like ‘selling’ but it is not. We are building a community of like-minded people, writers, freelancers, and readers together to avoid traps of self-publishing, share information, and work with experience and professional editors and other professionals in publishing that are pre-vetted and filtered so that the independent publishing experience can be great as it deserves to be.

    Explore our vision and join our efforts at BookGarage.

    For all committed writers, professional and top-notch freelancers, and discerning readers.

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      1. I found it to be easy enough but what really shines, for me, is there customer service. You can contact them with any issue and they will do their best to walk you through the process of discovery. Of course I always thank them profusely for being there for me and they always have been!

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  2. Wow, I have never heard of Ingram Spark – went to their website – it looks really interesting. The question I have, is how does one get out an exclusive arrangement with Amazon/Kindle? I have been that way with them since January, but have not used any of their promotional programs in eons, but I have no idea how to get out of the exclusivity deal with them and branch out. If anyone has any suggestions and would like to share, I would really appreciate it!!!!!!

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      1. Oh I did , the KPD thing – that’s true. Sorry, I get confused sometimes. I need to look into this so, it is all so overwhelming sometimes. It is so much easier to just write – the rest of this stuff boggles my mind!!!!! Thanks for the links!!!!

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