If you love new blog tips, this is for you

Never again have to dig through dozens of blog post to find the most popular ones.

All you have to do is stick them on top for all to see. 

Okay, maybe this trick is new only to me.

Maybe y’all knew this all along but be kind and pretend so I can enjoy my excitement for just a second. I just love new tips!

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I was so excited when I opened up my favorite Ape’s website and read how to add sticky notes to my website. Hey, it’s the little things in life. LOL

So, just in case I’m not the only blogger in this big worldwide web that doesn’t know how y’all can head over to the Ape’s and read How to make a WordPress Sticky Post?

First, try on my blog, eureka! Success!

Is this a trick you could use?

Did you already know about sticky notes for WordPress?

Did you try it? 

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Do you want to connect with writers’ groups?

There are a lot of good groups on Facebook.

Keeping up with the helpful groups is so important. I can’t tell you how much I learn from other writers and groups such as the one Kelly Gurnett was so kind to put together in one place. A quick reference such as this can lead you to just the right nugget of information.

Take a look and see if you can find a group to will encourage and enhance your writing efforts. As she states this list was compiled by writers who said they could not live without these groups.

You’ll find everything from a writers life community, Kindle publishing, and my favorite, a call for submissions. With this FB Group you’ll never run out of places to send your writing.

Just in case you missed this, must have information, from The Write Life, here it is again.

16 Facebook Groups for Writers You Don’t Want to Miss By  August 28, 2015 

Now go out and mingle!

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Need to get organized?

Do you need help organizing your writing?

Well, I do!

Because sometimes I’ve had so many files swirling around in my computer that I forgot which one was the last one.


I check the dates. Grab what looks like the right one, but lo and behold there is another one way over on the other side of a black hole.

Head slap! How in the hell did a 100 pages end up with the cookie recipes?

Listen, I’ve always considered myself a pretty organized person. I like the potato chips on the bottom shelf of the pantry. Drives me nuts when someone moves them around.

But sometimes my fiction runs rampant, and like scurrying little mice, stories duck into hiding spaces on the far side of my computer.file-mouce

Glad I found the following article in my inbox.

Hope it helps you too.

How to for Authors…

Writing: How to Keep Your Manuscripts Organized by

Lots of terrific ideas to keep your murder and mayhem away from the cookie dough. So now I need to grab a dust cloth and clean out some files.

Whew! Half done! My file system is looking much better after a full day of weeding out stray stories, WIP, and ideas for the future.

The next issues is to remember what I named the new files. Hmm, maybe I should’ve made a cheat sheet. Oh well, that’s a project for another day.

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Don’t lose the big question!

Have you lost track of the Big Question?

Tons of little questions just muddying up your story?

I’m bad to get tangled up in a web as I write. But as Heather Jackson over at Write On Sisters all questions, like the roads of the Empire that lead Rome, all questions must lead back to the BIG ONE.

5 Reasons to Track Questions & Answers in Your Novel