Need to get organized?

Do you need help organizing your writing?

Well, I do!

Because sometimes I’ve had so many files swirling around in my computer that I forgot which one was the last one.


I check the dates. Grab what looks like the right one, but lo and behold there is another one way over on the other side of a black hole.

Head slap! How in the hell did a 100 pages end up with the cookie recipes?

Listen, I’ve always considered myself a pretty organized person. I like the potato chips on the bottom shelf of the pantry. Drives me nuts when someone moves them around.

But sometimes my fiction runs rampant, and like scurrying little mice, stories duck into hiding spaces on the far side of my computer.file-mouce

Glad I found the following article in my inbox.

Hope it helps you too.

How to for Authors…

Writing: How to Keep Your Manuscripts Organized by

Lots of terrific ideas to keep your murder and mayhem away from the cookie dough. So now I need to grab a dust cloth and clean out some files.

Whew! Half done! My file system is looking much better after a full day of weeding out stray stories, WIP, and ideas for the future.

The next issues is to remember what I named the new files. Hmm, maybe I should’ve made a cheat sheet. Oh well, that’s a project for another day.

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Thank you!

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10 thoughts on “Need to get organized?

  1. LOL, yes, I know that feeling well. I jot down my plot ideas wherever I can and then completely forget about it. One day I decided to get organized and made a text document on my hard drive where I would ostensibly jot down all my thoughts, ideas and brilliant lines etc.. And guess what? now I have a few dozen text documents with content that just do not make sense to me anymore 😀

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