Stepping out of my comfort zone

Today I’m taking a giant leap way, way out of my comfort zone.


I’m so glad it’s audio, and not video. No one wants to watch me sweat bullets or chug water to wash away the dust of fear.

Not sure how this will go but…

if you’d like to hear what this Southern lady sounds like, head on over to Blog Talk Radio at 12:30pm PT, or 2:30pm CT (Texas Time) and listen in to:

Empowering and Inspiring Women Globally with Dianna Bellerose

I can’t begin to say how delighted and flattered I am that Dianna Bellerose opened her radio forum to me. Just hope ya’ll won’t be disappointed. The internet and self publishing have empowered writers everywhere to let their voice be heard. So guess time for me to speak up too.Slide1

Now if I can just keep my foot out of my mouth I might get through the hour.

I hope you can give the show a listen, and do let me know what you think because as always…

I love comments, tell me what’s happening with you and if you’re not already, please follow me @jeancogdell on Twitter or jean.cogdell on Facebook!


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