What is it good for?

Absolutely Nothing

The newscaster ducked, his words lost amid the rocket blasts.

I hit rewind and watched as desert instead of jungles filled the screen.

Decades past, still they die and still I miss you.

So much lost, so little gained, all for nothing but heartache and pain. War.

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Today’s A to Z Challenge is a re-post from a  Five Sentence Fiction Prompt in 2014


Spelling Homework

Mazie traced the letters and sounded out the words as we worked on her assignment.

My heart raced as flashes of depraved evil played in my mind and I dreaded explaining the word villainous to my sweet ten-year old.

I forced away the memories and focused as she read, “Wicked, bad, hateful… .”

She paused, tilted back her head and shrieked, “Oh, that’s Robbie and James when they pull my hair and chase me on the playground, they’re wicked, villainous boys.”

Her peals of laughter chased away the dark shadows of pain and I smiled relieved loving her more in her innocence.

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Jean’s Writing – Five Sentence Fiction: Irritation

Like every other writer in the world, I decide to write a best seller, a hell of a book.

How long could it take, thirty days, ninety days?

Soon the printer is out of ink, I’m flipping over used paper, and my annoyance grows as I consider this may take a year or a millennium.

My damn computer has become a source of irritation not inspiration as words fail to appear.

I’m ready to concede no great story is forthcoming, all hope is lost, and then the magic happens, not with massive fireworks, but with a tiny spark, I hear the voice of my muse.


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