The magic happens here

Jean’s Writing – Five Sentence Fiction: Irritation

Like every other writer in the world, I decide to write a best seller, a hell of a book.

How long could it take, thirty days, ninety days?

Soon the printer is out of ink, I’m flipping over used paper, and my annoyance grows as I consider this may take a year or a millennium.

My damn computer has become a source of irritation not inspiration as words fail to appear.

I’m ready to concede no great story is forthcoming, all hope is lost, and then the magic happens, not with massive fireworks, but with a tiny spark, I hear the voice of my muse.


Join in the fun and see what five sentences you can contribute:
Head on over to Lillie McFerrin Writes

7 thoughts on “The magic happens here

  1. I loved this! Do we all feel that way? I was sure I’d pound this one out that I’ve been working on for three freaking years in 30 days at the most!!!! LOL.
    Love your blog. Thanks for liking mine!
    Gotta click follow! For sure!


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