How to use dialogue tags effectively

Looking for another dialogue tag other than “said?”

Don’t know about you but I do tire of using he said, she said over and over. I’m sure readers tire of seeing this tag peppered throughout a book.


But what to use instead?

Thanks to my favorite Ape, I found The Mad Scribbler and an extensive list of alternative tags.

Creating Tone through Dialogue

Now I’m not sure all of these words work but the list does give me ideas for adding action to a conversation.

How about you? Do you think the word “said” is overused?

What about some of the words on the Mad Scribbler’s list? Would you use them?

Want more suggestions? Go to links at bottom of post.

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Over 200 words to use instead of said. 

The Use and Abuse of Dialogue Tags


Do you know how to use this media?

Okay, I’m gonna come clean.

Reddit totally baffles me!

Image Source

For something so foreign it ranks as 11th most visited website!

How can that be? I don’t get it nor do I understand how to use this venue. Now I’ve tried, believe me. But Reddit is a daunting website. The crowd that visits is very different from say, Facebook or Pinterest. I’ve had readers on Reddit, tell me to get off and if you don’t post in the right place in the right way, Reddit dumps your post.

So how do we use this enigma?

Even after reading, reading, and clicking I still don’t get how to use Reddit effectively.

Have you posted on Reddit? 

Do you understand how to use it effectively?

I’d love to know if you’ve conquered Reddit.

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Maybe some of these articles will help. 

Reddit 101: A beginner’s guide to

How To Use Reddit Productively. Yes, You Read That Correctly

How to Use Reddit to Market Your Books (Carefully)


Do writers need to worry about passwords?

If you use the internet the answer is yes.


image source

Because there are idiots trolling for information, useless or not. Nothing seems private anymore. While on holiday I had the joy of having a hacker hit my Citicard hit.

I recently pulled my head out of my book for a few minutes to catch up on the outside world and read something about “passphrase.”

Now don’t go rolling your eyes at me, I know passphrase isn’t new. Not to most people but I’m usually too busy keeping up with my imaginary characters to keep up with much else. Sigh.

Apparently, passwords have become way too easy for hackers to well, access our world. I don’t know about you, but I do everything on my computer! I certainly don’t want uninvited weirdos sulking about inside my mind (computer) and messing with my stuff. Credit cards or manuscripts! One thing I’ve learned is that we should not make light of online security. No this is serious shit.

image source

Some may argue that a passphrase is only marginally more secure than a password, however, others argue that it is considerably more secure. Argh! Experts argue just to confuse me. But I think a phrase makes more sense than trying to come up with a different word containing a capital letter and an odd character or two thrown in for good measure, that needs to be changed every ninety days or so.

Plus a passphrase can be fun. Take this one for instance.

Like cats? Try: Mykitty8kibble

Even if a hacker figures out you have cats, the combination that your kitty ate kibble will take a while.

Have a phobia? Try: Clownsscareme2death

Need motivating? Try: finishYRdamnbook

Or: my5thFuckingbook

Or: Nowwritingmy5thbook

I’m sure you can come up with a few fun facts about yourself. LOL

So what do you think?

Which do you use – Password or Passphrase?

Have you changed your security lately?

In wake of the latest hackers hitting Target and various banks you might want to update your computer protection.

I’ve added lots of articles for you to read and decide for yourself which you think makes more sense, passphrase or password. Click and read! And then protect!!

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New ‘rules’ make passwords easy to remember and more secure By Kim Komando

How To Create A Strong Password You’ll Never Forget by

Forget about passwords: You need a passphrase!

Password Dragon

Choosing Good Passwords Or Passphrases And Keeping Them Secure 

Why Multi-word Phrases Make for More Secure Passwords Than Incomprehensible Gibberish Adam Dachis

Keep the tips coming! You guys are the best!

Being a writer is like working as Ring Master in a circus. Have to know how to juggle, keep the show moving and shovel elephant poo. So many jobs, so much to do and learn.


Staying ahead of the new gadgets and media stuff would be overwhelming without this community of writers. I can always count on y’all to step up, share and help with great tips.

Thanks for todays tip goes all the way to balmy Ohio and Jena Henry, a cool author, book reviewer and one of my fav readers who keeps me encouraged.

After reading my post on how to embed “Instant Book Preview” of your book on your website, and other social media sites, Jena stepped forward and clued me in on how to take it a step further.

Now you can click the “Share symbol” on your Kindle and send not only a quote, but an Instant Preview to a friend or the world. This is so cool because my sister and I were discussing a book earlier this week. Instead of trying to remember or explain what I thought was so great, I could’ve just shared a quote and an instant preview with her.

That’s right! Amazon has made sharing books you enjoy easier and faster.

However, I was disappointed to find my old Kindle Paperwhite (very first Paperwhite) doesn’t send an the instant preview, just the quote. Plus, it only sends the quotes to Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter.frog-sad

Maybe time to buy a newer version of Kindle e-reader. Well-played Amazon, well-played. frog-happy

The good news is that it works on Android apps and on the newer Kindles (I just sent an Instant Preview from the Kindle app on my iPhone, pretty slick.)

Jena was reading on her Kindle Voyager when she discovered the “share” symbol. And when she hit the symbol a preview link shows up with a photo of the book and the reader receives a free preview. And she could continue reading!

What do you think?

Another tool to promote your book as well as other writers?

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Go check out Jena’s website The Golden Age of Charli and tell her Jean sent you.

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Read more about this new “Share Instant Preview” at the links below.

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