Do writers need to worry about passwords?

If you use the internet the answer is yes.


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Because there are idiots trolling for information, useless or not. Nothing seems private anymore. While on holiday I had the joy of having a hacker hit my Citicard hit.

I recently pulled my head out of my book for a few minutes to catch up on the outside world and read something about “passphrase.”

Now don’t go rolling your eyes at me, I know passphrase isn’t new. Not to most people but I’m usually too busy keeping up with my imaginary characters to keep up with much else. Sigh.

Apparently, passwords have become way too easy for hackers to well, access our world. I don’t know about you, but I do everything on my computer! I certainly don’t want uninvited weirdos sulking about inside my mind (computer) and messing with my stuff. Credit cards or manuscripts! One thing I’ve learned is that we should not make light of online security. No this is serious shit.

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Some may argue that a passphrase is only marginally more secure than a password, however, others argue that it is considerably more secure. Argh! Experts argue just to confuse me. But I think a phrase makes more sense than trying to come up with a different word containing a capital letter and an odd character or two thrown in for good measure, that needs to be changed every ninety days or so.

Plus a passphrase can be fun. Take this one for instance.

Like cats? Try: Mykitty8kibble

Even if a hacker figures out you have cats, the combination that your kitty ate kibble will take a while.

Have a phobia? Try: Clownsscareme2death

Need motivating? Try: finishYRdamnbook

Or: my5thFuckingbook

Or: Nowwritingmy5thbook

I’m sure you can come up with a few fun facts about yourself. LOL

So what do you think?

Which do you use – Password or Passphrase?

Have you changed your security lately?

In wake of the latest hackers hitting Target and various banks you might want to update your computer protection.

I’ve added lots of articles for you to read and decide for yourself which you think makes more sense, passphrase or password. Click and read! And then protect!!

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