The Journey Home

The Journey Home

The morning awakened, as the darkness faded, to the sound of pounding surf. I pulled the Christmas colored shawl tighter, surprised at the warmth of the highland wool, this plaid that provided warmth to my ancestors for generations.

I peered over the cliffs and the first peace I’d felt in years filled my soul. Through the fog, the voices past and present reached out to my spirit.

My heart now renewed strength and my feet with purpose, and as the black dog walks alongside me I turned toward home. There are things to do; Cù Sith you’ll have to wait.

  • Challenge

I hope you enjoyed my contribution to 100 Word Challenge for Grownups #144.

  • Writing Practice

As a writer, I beginning to understand that practice is important, so I’m working on trying to do more exercises in the form of quick prompts. 100 WCGU  is a fun one to get the creative juices flowing. Join in the fun. Click on the link below.

100 Word Challenge for Grownups #144

…as the black dog walks alongside me…

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