This Weeks 5 Star Book Recommendation

Searching for a good book to read this weekend?

5gold-star3If you’re ready to curl up with a good book here is another five-star recommendation from me.

Whether it’s a thriller, mystery, love story, historical romance, or YA dystopian series they all must have one thing in common, the theme must grip me. The story must grab me, hold me, enthrall me or cause me to suspend belief for a few hours. The books I give a five-star recommendation do that and more.

Before I Go To Sleep: A Novel [Kindle Edition] by S. J. Watson

This story is disorienting, unique, unusual unnerving and gripping. Be prepared, this is a long book and once you get into it, like me, you may read until the wee hours of the morning.

The story is about a woman who wakes every morning with no memory. She doesn’t recognize the person in the mirror or the man next to her in bed. Working with a doctor, she begins a journal, keeping track of her days, trying to unravel her past and the mystery of who she is. What she discovers is not what anyone expects.

Warning: Be prepared this is one that will keep you awake late into the night as the suspense builds.

Print List Price: $11.99
Kindle Price: $1.99