Is Amazon’s new policy meant to be a fake-out for buyers?

The Independent Book Publishers Association thinks it will hurt writers and publishers. And I think it will confuse buyers.

The Texas Association of Authors keeps us pretty well-informed in the professional world of writers and publishers. Thank the good Lord!

So for all my friends out there who aren’t in Texas, or aren’t members of the IBPA, I wanted to pass on the information. It appears that Amazon will be giving priority to third-party sellers! Yep, you heard that right.

Click this link to read the whole story and tell me what you think.

Amazon “Buy Button” Policy Change.

How do you think this will change the face of self-publishing?

Do you think buyers will notice before or after they hit “buy?”

Talk to me – I love reading your comments.

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Writers, do you need more info…

Writers, do you spend too much time on Google?


Searching for answers?

On how to self-publish your book? Or someone to review your book?

Now, thanks to the hard work of John Maberry your search will be a bit shorter.

Head over and read all of the links he has compiled on these and more subjects at his blog the Eagle Peak Press.

On the first post John gives you links for Advertising/Marketing, Email marketing, Miscellaneous promotion techniques, Press releases, special multifaceted sites, and various, Author blogs/sites of interest.


He this next post he lists links for Book design/production, General self-publishing tips and resources, and my favorite, Reviews of your book


Some of the links are oldies but goodies, however, some were new to me.

I hope you find a few new surprises too. If you find a few good tips be sure and let John know. I’m sure he’ll enjoy hearing from you.

Thanks John! I love it when my readers share good info! Keep the good stuff coming guys.

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Publishing mistakes I made this year

First, let me say my mistakes were expensive.


Now that I’ve got that off my chest I’ll try to share something constructive.


  • I rushed the process.

Those who know me, stop snickering. I’ll admit patience is a problem for me sometimes. But after working on the same project over and over and over and over until I was sick of it and ready to put that baby to bed. I ended up submitting it three times due to errors found in the proof copy.

  • I didn’t understand the IngramSpark process before I started.

That turned out to be a very costly mistake. They use different templates than Createspace and well, everything is different. I’d read it was the easiest and cheapest self-publishing platform to use and it was.

So if you are looking for a step by step way to get a book self-published with little cost Createspace is the way to go.

This is something I didn’t realize. I know ignorance is no excuse, but it’s all I’ve got. Apparently many, not all but many reviewers want an advance copy of the book before it is released to the public. Go figure. In the link below Kristen Lamb explains how very important reviews are for writers, click and read. Review are our life blood.

  • When doing a book with illustrations or pictures use a heavier paper.

I’d read the suggestion somewhere by someone, don’t remember who or where but unfortunately didn’t. A mistake. The finished product, especially with the IngramSparks book would’ve looked much more polished.

  • I didn’t ask questions.

When in doubt, ask. That’s what the help line is for. The people at IngramSparks were very helpful. I should’ve called them sooner. Would’ve saved me $$$ and a lot of frustration.

  • Self-publishing a book without knowing anything about marketing.

And I still don’t have the vaguest idea how or where to start.

Did I learn anything? Yes.

  • I will probably make several mistakes but I do hope not the same ones.
  • Createspace is quicker, cheaper and easier than IngramSpark. However, I will continue to publish on both.
  • Ask questions!

How about y’all? Which platform do you use to self-publish? What has been your experience? I’d love to know.

The Ugly Truth of Publishing & How BEST to Support Writers by Kristen Lamb

Self-Publishing and Living the LLC Dream by 

How Much Does It Cost to Self-Publish a Book? 4 Authors Share Their Numbers by  

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Have a safe and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


The waiting is over! He’s here!

Friday the 13th has always been a lucky day for our family, so I’m thrilled to announce Tryouts for Ben is now available at today!

Yes, Ben made it even with all my jumbling, fumbling and amateurish attempts to bring him into this world.

Whew! It feels as though I’ve just birthed a baby elephant instead of a book.

For some, writing and self-publishing a book, of any size, in paper and e-format is easy. They share instructions on how to self-publish in 3 easy steps or maybe 10. I read article after article, followed steps 1 through infinity and more times than not, ended up with a scrambled mess.

But I eventually got to the end. Even if I traveled terrain as rough as the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Seems as if I go about every project the hard way.

However, today is not for whiners. It’s a day of celebration!!

Small though Ben may be, he’s my first and I’m one proud mama.

Please hop over to Amazon and check out my little man.

To get your copy, click on this image….

Now that I’ve conquered Amazon and Createspace I’m off to try my hand at Ingram-Spark.

A big thank you to everyone who helped me achieve this goal.

And a giant thanks for all the encouragement from my blogging community.

Without all of you, I don’t know if I would’ve preserved.

I hope some of you will read about Ben and share it with the young readers in your family.

After you read Tryouts for Ben, please leave a review on Amazon. (Hopefully a kind review.)  Book reviews are so important and much appreciated. 

Next, a big book! LOL

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