The waiting is over! He’s here!

Friday the 13th has always been a lucky day for our family, so I’m thrilled to announce Tryouts for Ben is now available at today!

Yes, Ben made it even with all my jumbling, fumbling and amateurish attempts to bring him into this world.

Whew! It feels as though I’ve just birthed a baby elephant instead of a book.

For some, writing and self-publishing a book, of any size, in paper and e-format is easy. They share instructions on how to self-publish in 3 easy steps or maybe 10. I read article after article, followed steps 1 through infinity and more times than not, ended up with a scrambled mess.

But I eventually got to the end. Even if I traveled terrain as rough as the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Seems as if I go about every project the hard way.

However, today is not for whiners. It’s a day of celebration!!

Small though Ben may be, he’s my first and I’m one proud mama.

Please hop over to Amazon and check out my little man.

To get your copy, click on this image….

Now that I’ve conquered Amazon and Createspace I’m off to try my hand at Ingram-Spark.

A big thank you to everyone who helped me achieve this goal.

And a giant thanks for all the encouragement from my blogging community.

Without all of you, I don’t know if I would’ve preserved.

I hope some of you will read about Ben and share it with the young readers in your family.

After you read Tryouts for Ben, please leave a review on Amazon. (Hopefully a kind review.)  Book reviews are so important and much appreciated. 

Next, a big book! LOL

Leave me a comment and look for me @jeancogdell on Twitter and jean.cogdell on Facebook!

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16 thoughts on “The waiting is over! He’s here!

  1. Just bought Ben. I’ll be happy to write a review when I read it. Good luck! Sell a million! I know exactly what you mean about “birthing” this book. I self published a memoir in February and that was quite the feat but just this week I published my first picture book for kids. It’s about grandparents (Real Grands: From A to Z, Everything A Grandparent Can Be.”) so it was like birthing a grand baby! I found the self publishing road even more challenging to navigate than it was to have two parenting books I wrote in the 90s published by actual big publishing houses. It’s not for the fainthearted! So, I’m glad the first step is behind you!

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