Do you want something light, fun and romantic?

Temps here in Dallas hit the century mark last weekend. Bursting_Thermometer__Arvin61r58-300px

Weekends I decompress and reload my brain cells. Often I read one or two books just for fun. No studying how to be a better blogger or writer. I read just read for the sake of reading.

Last weekend was like one the perfect time to curl up with a light, fun book. No one wants a heavy meal when the heat index is 105.

If you’re a Jane Austen fan, or like light, romance you might enjoy My Own Mr. Darcy by Karey White.

I can’t imagine many of us who didn’t get all mushy over Pride and Prejudice during our high school years. Ms. White lets us relive those feelings but also takes it a step further when her main character becomes obsessed with finding her real-life Mr. Darcy.

I debated back and forth between 4-5 stars but settled on 4 because of how Amazon defines 5 (loved it.) I really, really enjoyed My Mister Darcy. It was perfect for a hot, sunny summer afternoon.This romantic, nostalgic book will thrill Bridget Jones fans. It’s  light, fun, and a quick read.

Karey White did Jane Austen proud with this well-written story about a naive, romantic young woman who refuses to give up on her dreams of happily ever after. Sigh…

My Own Mr. Darcy by [White, Karey]

When do you find time to read for pleasure?

Read any good books lately? Do tell.

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Today I’m thrilled to congratulate my favorite ape

And a hard-working ape he is!

Congratulations Chris to you and your sister! What a lovely gesture to your mother.

So all you writers/readers pass on the Ape’s good news.

A book is born!

Click on the following link and read the Ape’s story.

NEWSFLASH – Story Reading Ape Publishes Book…

Click image to read a sample…

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Want a 5 star sizzle for your weekend?

By now I guess you’ve discovered, I will read almost any genre.

There are few books I won’t crack open and give a peak. The exception being True Crime. But that’s a post for another day.

Today’s 5 star review is by Linda Barlow, a USA Today bestselling author.5gold-star3

Ms. Barlow has written in various genres, including historical and contemporary romance, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, New Adult romance, family sagas, and general mainstream fiction.

Looking for a steamy, intense, touching romance?

Getty Images

Then check out The Dangerous Hero. This New Adult Romance about love, trust and second chances introduces the reader to the world of BDSM with a just a little kinky, fantasy fun. The only blushing you’ll do is from the heat in the room.

It’s available to read for free through Kindle Unlimited. This is my first Linda Barlow book, but I’ve already downloaded a couple of others.

Put a little sizzle in your weekend and read The Dangerous Hero by Linda Barlow. You’ll be glad you did.

The Dangerous Hero [Kindle Edition] by Linda Barlow

Kindle Price: $2.99
Kindle Unlimited: Free

Writing with Expression

Want to give life to your writing?

In an earlier post I discussed Tropes and their technical writing terms. After reading Kristen Lamb’s post on story structure I became fascinated with their use and a link she provided to

Full Definition of TROPE

  1. a word or expression used in a figurative sense: figure of speech
  2. a common or overused theme or device: cliché
  3. The use of a word or expression in a different sense from that which properly belongs to it; the use of a word or expression as changed from the original signification to another, for the sake of giving life or emphasis to an idea; a figure of speech. explains – a trope can be a plot trick, a setup, a narrative structure, a character type, a linguistic idiom… you know it when you see it. Tropes are not inherently disruptive to a story; however, when the trope itself becomes intrusive, distracting the viewer rather than serving as shorthand, it has become a cliché.

Who knew tropes could be so helpful with scenes?

Need help with a story arc? A scene situation?

Find some puzzle pieces to help you flesh out the picture.

Your only limited by your imagination.

This is a fascinating, fun website that provides tips and help with story arcs in every genre a writer can think of. Careful, don’t get lost.

Who knew there were so many types of love scenes? 

Thanks Kristen for the link. I hope you’ll have as much fun as I did exploring how to give life to your writing.

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