Do you understand the need for an ISBN?

The link below from Kristen Twardowski is filled with information about the ISBN (International Standard Book Number.)

I’ve always thought of the ISBN like a sort of phone number incorporating the country, area code, full name, etc.

Kristen explains in detail what each part of the number stands for, where to get one and why you need it.

I’ve used the free ones provided by Createspace and I’ve bought Universal numbers through Bowker. Why did I purchase numbers? Because with my own numbers, I can publish through IngramSpark and Createspace which opens up distribution to bookstores and libraries. At least, I hope so.


Did you know what all the digits stood for?

Where do you get your ISBN?

After you read Kristen’s article, let me know what you think.

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ISBN: What It Is and Why a Book Needs One  by  Kristen Twardowski

Book publishing isn’t just about finding great pieces of writing and bringing them out into the world. Sometimes it is about the nitty-gritty. This means that at some point, an author or publ… keep reading



Not for the faint of heart

Navigating the self-publishing maze, that is.

Createspace, Amazon’s self publishing platform to be the easiest. I did run into a few snags. Especially when I wanted to make changes. But I don’t want to get into that now.

However, Ingram Sparks is all together another matter. I so understand why there is a market for professional who will do the work for the writers. After 6, yes 6 tries I finally submitted my small manuscript successfully. Or so I thought, keep reading.

I cannot imagine what it would’ve been like if my manuscript had been 300 pages. Lord help me, I might’ve ended up bald.

Of course, maybe I just made it harder than it actually was.

Upside to Createspace is it’s free and everyone knows Amazon.

The upside to Ingram Sparks is libraries and bookstores order through them.

The down side to Ingram Sparks is it’s not as user-friendly as Createspace and it’s not free.

You must buy an ISBN (Createspace provides it free) plus a cost for the catalog. I did get a special title set up for free, apparently there is usually a charge for that too.

So while Ingram Sparks can cost a little to get started, that is not what bothered me. The cover template was a bear to work with. I was so frustrated trying again and again to get it right, I almost gave up.

But, I did get it done! Whoo hoo!

Unfortunately, the proof arrived today and it is all in black, white and shades of gray!

Give me a freaking break!!!


Oh well, back to the drawing board, I mean back to the Ingram Sparks website. Sigh….

I agree with  in her article – Opinion: Is it Time to Drop the S Word?

I didn’t want to use my name as the publisher. Having a publishing house name seems to give more weight to the book.

What do you think? Any tips to help a girl out?

Do you think it’s time to do away with the self-publishing label?

Want to avoid some mistakes? Check out this video.

The easiest thing I’ve done to date was setting up my DBA and publishing company logo. Funny, I thought that would be difficult, but it wasn’t. Go figure.

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Are you almost ready?

To publish that book!

Where to go, what to do and how!

The questions are many, but hopefully these two experienced writers can help us all figure out the maze of self-publishing.

I’m playing with Createspace and trying to familiarize myself with the process. It can be intimidating, at least for this newbie.

However, after reading the step by step instructions provided by by Bryan Hutchinson over at Postive Writer, I feel a lot better. Bryan was kind with a quick response to my question too.

How to Publish a Paperback Book for FREE Using Createspace by Bryan Hutchinson

I wanted to know if I should use Ingram Spark in addition to Createspace. He suggested I publish everywhere, including Ingram Spark and even Nook Press.