Do you understand the need for an ISBN?

The link below from Kristen Twardowski is filled with information about the ISBN (International Standard Book Number.)

I’ve always thought of the ISBN like a sort of phone number incorporating the country, area code, full name, etc.

Kristen explains in detail what each part of the number stands for, where to get one and why you need it.

I’ve used the free ones provided by Createspace and I’ve bought Universal numbers through Bowker. Why did I purchase numbers? Because with my own numbers, I can publish through IngramSpark and Createspace which opens up distribution to bookstores and libraries. At least, I hope so.


Did you know what all the digits stood for?

Where do you get your ISBN?

After you read Kristen’s article, let me know what you think.

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ISBN: What It Is and Why a Book Needs One  by  Kristen Twardowski

Book publishing isn’t just about finding great pieces of writing and bringing them out into the world. Sometimes it is about the nitty-gritty. This means that at some point, an author or publ… keep reading



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